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Aniré’s NATURE OF LOVE in plain words

Everyone has expectations. Everyone has needs and wants. Love also has expectations from us. Love also needs us to want to love others without fear or remorse. Love is a river that’ll never run dry. Love is neverending.

Most people focus on what they want out of love, and not necessarily what love wants out of us. Sound familiar? Our expectations are valid, but we must also meet up with the standards of true & undefiled love. Understanding love helps us understand how to love. How else can you operate a mechanism efficiently if you don’t read the instructions from the manufacturer?

To love is to sacrifice, to endure, to trust and to be patient. Love knows no wrong. It keeps no record of wrongs. This might seem hard & illogical, but it’s the truth. Love is a daily journey of selfless sacrifice. It’s a daily adventure of self-discovery. How we understand what love demands of us is how we’d inadvertently choose to love others.

Love wisely, but love passionately. It may be time to format your idea of love. And when you do, open up your heart to learn all that love teaches. Love is a beautiful thing. Don’t limit love.

– With Love, From Love.

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