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Weddings have this way of making us want to get married ASAP!

It’s a beautiful feeling we all experience every now and again (for those of us yet to be married or still single). Marriage is a beautiful institution created for world Impact. It’s something I honestly can’t wait to experience with my favourite human.

However, there’s no rush! Society has a way of putting pressure on people to get married way before they’re emotionally, financially and/or spiritually ready. Sometimes, Family & Friends add to this pressure pot too (knowingly & unknowingly). Marriage isn’t something you rush into. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. If you’re ready, you’re READY! But if you’re not, you’ll make severe mistakes trying to please society and others.

The consequences of rushing into marriage are dire and grave at best. But the beauties of falling in-love with your best friend, dating intelligently, courting patiently and deciding wisely to spend eternity together is a type of peace that can’t be found in a rushed marriage.

Dating is the time to love intelligently. Marriage is the time to love blindly.

Choose wisely and be patient about it. Trust the process without fear of losing your partner. What’s yours will forever be yours. Love has no expiratory date. So please, don’t rush!

– With Love, From Love.

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