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Aniré’s REIGNITED ‘piece’ is enough to bring you ‘peace’

I’m sat outside, wondering where all the fireworks are. I’m stuck in my mind thinking about how much we’re drifting apart, even though we’re always near each other.

There’s complacency from my part; a sense of see-finish slowly creeping in. I’ll never take you for granted, but it seems I’m taking you on a ride.

I want to spend more time appreciating you for the blessing that you are. I want to play fun games with you, and not play games with your heart.

You’re AMAZING! You’re beautiful. You’re kind. You’re everything I prayed for, and much more. This letter is a reminder that I choose to choose you today, tomorrow and always.

Finding that balance between who GOD wants me to be, what you desire in me and who I’m working tirelessly to be has been difficult, but it’s a journey I don’t want to embark on without you.

Loving you is my dream come true. I bless the day I found you.

– With Love, From Love.

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