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Aniré’s SWEET HONEYPOT to share in this month of Love

True love has a name, a face and a voice – soothing, sweet and irresistibly tasty. True love nourishes every part of my soul. It’ll never be too much. Every dose of true love is the right amount I need per time. I can never get enough.

The sweetness of true love is my delight, never to give me diabetes. Every sting I feel trying to stick my hands in true love’s honeypot teaches me endurance and patience.

You smell like wild honey in the sunset. Your eyes open up doorways to realms unseen. I feel alive when I’m with you. I long to hold you tight in my arms, and stroke your hair throughout the night

In a bid to find true love, I found You. I found peace, joy, happiness and satisfaction. Knowing you has been the greatest testimony of my life. It’s been a rollercoaster ride I never want to get down from.

True Love has a name. It’s called You.

– With Love, From Love.

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