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Sometimes, it takes an avoidable breakup to truly wake us up to the reality that our actions and reactions affects the state of our relationships good or bad. As humans, we’re emotional beings and that’s clearly going to reflect in the way we handle misunderstandings and the feelings of our loved ones.

Things fall apart when we fail to uphold them. The way we see things may differ, but one thing remains the same; if we do not put in the work required to maintain peace and happiness in our relationships, it will surely fail.

Life comes with its fair share of unexpectedness and to be honest, every unconditional love comes with its fair share of conditions. Life’s too frail to bank on making things right tomorrow. Today is the perfect time to make things right. Don’t wait for something bad to happen before you realize how special and unique your partner truly is. Put your pride in check and proceed to love your lover fearlessly without inhibitions. No one prays for anything bad to happen to the people we love, but if something bad did happen, would you be full of regret or be contented knowing that you loved them to the fullest with your whole heart and soul?

Life’s too short to be on a long thing. Make things right with your partner if things aren’t going right in your relationship. And if things are going smoothly, don’t take your feet off the gas. Keep loving fearlessly and keep working on yourself to be a better human and partner for your lover. In the end, tranquility and harmony should always be the goal.

– This piece was written by ANIRE OKENE With Love, From Love for Ytainment News.


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