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Aniré’s way of OVERCOMING DESPERATION shared 

Wanting something so bad can be bad & unhealthy if we don’t find a balance to wanting and waiting. Wanting a partner or craving a relationship isn’t bad at all, but coveting one to the point where you get depressed and anxious about not being able to find “the right one” can be detrimental to your physical & mental health.

I remember how lonely I felt when I wasn’t in any form of relationship for 5 years. There were times when I felt as though no one would ever love me. I loved writing love letters for couples who’d ask me to do them a favour, but not having a lover of my own to pour out all my heart to was excruciating.

Turns out I wasn’t ready for a relationship. I only wanted something I wasn’t prepared for. We all desire to love & be loved, but to be honest, most times, we just want to be loved, thereby neglecting working on how best we can love others passionately & selflessly.

Being single isn’t a death sentence. It’s not a curse either. It’s a blessing! A time & season to grow, to learn, to unlearn and to experience patience. Love isn’t something you rush into. It’s something you grow in. Falling in love shouldn’t make you lose balance, it has to come from a place of emotional intelligence.

Instead of saying “GOD When” every time you see a cute couple, say “GOD when I’m ready, open up my heart so that I may love fearlessly without fail“. Get rid of your baggages from past relationships; that’s the only way you’ll learn to experience true love.

– With Love, From Love.

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