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Artiste manager, Kobbi Blaq ventures into water business

Koby Blaqq

Former management member of D2, Ruff and Smooth and now Multiple Award Gospel Winner Ohemaa Mercy, Sepha and Amonbaab, Mark Sebastian Ashigbui aka Kobbi Blaq ventures a new line of business in the water production industry.

The current Production lead of the Blaqsheep Multimedia Group, an Artist Management, PR and Events company, accepted the challenge to make a difference in our current health status thus joining the Abova Water Ghana team.

Known in the media circles as Kobbi Blaq and currently the Events and communications manager of Abova Water Ghana, stated the health and fitness benefits of taking in Akaline .

The artiste manager believes good drinking prolongs one’s life hence his decision to join the Abova  family. Abova Natural Water which is already making impressive rounds in a section of Accra is certain to hit a nationwide distribution scale after its official launch in March 2016.

Mr. Ricahard Boateng the Chairman and President of Abova Water Ghana, gave graphic Showbiz an insight into what makes Abova Alkaline Water different from the others on the market. He revealed that, water’s measurement of the ability to enthrall acid is set by a defined numeric pH scale. The more alkaline a liquid, the less acidic it is.

Alkalnity is measured by scaling system with a number grading known as “pH”.  Scale of the “pH” series from 0-14, with 0 standing in as most acidic and 14 being the most Alkaline. Numerous bottled water in the country rest on or underneath a neutral pH of 7 which is fairly evident on the bottles. One can easily refer to that for evidence sakes.

With every change in the pH number, the alkalinity adjusts 10 fold. For instance, a leading sport or vitamin-enhanced drink that has a pH of 4 is 100,000 times more acidic than Abova Water and with Abova we have a pH rate of 8 – He said.

The core objective is to make health care and healthy living available through consumption of good drinking water like Abova Natural Water according to the general manager of Abova Water, it is on this ground that the The Food and Drugs Board Authority and Ghana Standards Authority have officially agreed to the production of Abova Alkaline Water in Ghana for all consumers after the two government bodies tested the natural mineral water and were convinced of its health benefits for the human body.

An executive member   in a related statement disclosed that Abova ORP water goes through 12 major stages of filtration in order to destroy harmful elements and wild bacteria.

Abova Water is uniquely enriched by the process of electrolysis to produce a special kind of water called “OXIDATION REDUCTION POTENTIAL” water known as ORP for short. This water is superior to any other water due to the high pH balance above 8.4. And health-wise, it purifies the human blood, softens blood vessels, energized blood cells, removes free radicals, neutralizes acidity, and improves metabolism & lessons uric acid.

The Brands, Events and Communication manager, expressed joy for the consent given to mass produce their products in Ghana. He continued that “the company is here to stay for good till it meets its vision for the Ghanaian populace.”

You taste the difference that Ghana’s first premium alkaline mineral water brings to you. Abova water would be largely available through a variety of grocery stores, supermarkets, health and natural food stores throughout Ghana and neighboring countries. At Abova we say, Drink Healthy and Live strong, your Thirst is Ours to Quench.

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