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At Nipsey Hussle Procession: 1 Dead, 3 Injured According to Chief Of Police

It seemed as if the city of Los Angeles was on pause today in remembrance of Nipsey Hussle. Radio stations played his music heavily on rotation. Thousands attended his memorial service at the Staples Center downtown while thousands more lined the streets to watch as the slain rapper’s casket was driven 25 miles through L.A. The celebration of his life was a peaceful one, and strangers came together to unite on behalf of a young man who lost his life too soon.

The day almost went off without incident, that is until there were reports of a shooting at the intersection of 103rd Street and Main Street. The Chief of Police for the Los Angeles Police Department tweeted about the event, saying that of the four people that sustained injuries, one person lost their life.

“In the midst of this procession we have a multi-4 Shooting at 103 St and Main St,” he wrote. “Victims are 3 Male Blacks and 1 Female Black – ages from 30-50 years old. Tragically one is deceased. Suspects in gray Hyundai fired on the victims. We must stop this senseless violence.”

Chief Moore didn’t share details regarding which of the victims passed away. Over a week ago at a vigil held in front of Nipsey’s Marathon store where he was shot, there were reports of multiple injuries after shots were fired and the crowd created a stampede while trying to escape the gunfire.

Just yesterday, The Game, a good friend of Nipsey’s, pleaded with the public to keep the peace at the memorial and during the procession in honor of the late rapper.  “It’s sad out here. That was my homie, man,” Game said. “That was a real, real, real, real good friend of mine, and his passing, as tragic as it was, it’s beautiful to see all the people that are apart of carrying on his legacy and showing him love. I think that’s amazing. I think that now what we need to do as a city, as a culture, is to just pay our respects, be quiet as possible, and just continue to spread love.”

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