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#aToastToLife by JULIET IBRAHIM is a masterpiece stroke of depth & delightful excellence…a stuff made of [in] cloud 9

“Beautifully written book by a paragon of beauty. The book is racy, gripping, mesmerizing and inspiring. It tells a story of a lady who has seen so much and experienced the ever-changing vicissitudes of life.” – The words of Dr. Dele Momodu about the book of Actor, Author, Brand Influencer, Travel Influencer, MC, Producer, Musician and Entrepreneur, JULIET IBRAHIM.

After reading #aToastToLife, we must say that, “we’ve read a book!”

Juju’s reason for scribbling such beauty is clearly made known from the very moment you grab a copy, and O! Boy, she kept us on the edge as we read from beginning to end. Gamboling and toddling along her surviving three civil wars, plus how her cousin was killed while her family was trying to escape from rebels; how she survived rape and sexual abuse, the ups and downs of her previous marriage, dealing with self-esteem issues, depression and much more.

We must say that the author was superb on the different characters, on the storytelling, on the research, on the facts and through the entire reading, she draws you closest to appreciate her faith, intelligence, relationships, and parenting skills.

Without shredding words, let us say that we appreciate Juliet Ibrahim’s opening style, satisfying pointers which her fitting style all came with powerful descriptions of every place, thing and balance – for readers like us who were not with her during her ‘tests’, to fall in love with the multiplicity persona she has developed into, it means that she has done a great job putting these details together.

Before we say, “au revoir et à bientôt”, let us encourage ourselves, fellow industry colleagues, and the media alike that instead of losing our moral fibre, rigmaroling, weighing and debating on whose doctor did a great job ‘down’ there, thus, thinking with the buttocks; why don’t we celebrate those ‘up’ there, those whose unbridled, personal and collective joy would be more revered by generations unborn.

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