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Boss Lady: ANITA ERSKINE covers New African Woman Magazine – photos speak!


Anita on the cover of NAW

Award winning broadcaster Anita Erskine is the new cover girl for the globally circulated magazine, New African Woman. This extremely high profile feature is an ode to Erskine’s undeniably inspiring, gradual rise and prominence on Africa’s broadcasting scene.

“Cover interview with the gorgeous Anita Erskine reveals someone I feel is a shooting star, full of zeal, vim and empowering wisdom. A must read. Anita, who is about 25 years younger than me, totally grabbed my attention when I asked her about her political ambitions as a rising household name in Ghana. She answered passionately and unscripted” comments Regina Gere, Editor of New African Woman.

Anita Erskine is a multitude of things. As a public speaker with primary focus on Women’s advocacy and Girls’ Education, she has become one of Africa’s most listened to voices in that sphere. Her communications company, Anita Erskine Media is gaining ground across West Africa. She is easily one of the most established and influential broadcasters in Ghana and a proud export into the international market.

“This feature is particularly significant to me because I believe that now more than ever, girls need to know that the so called glass ceiling only exists if you SAY it exists. I said it existed when my career began and I was hell bent on shattering it! I have worked and continue to work hard. I am blessed and highly favored and only completely excited about the new projects I am working on this year!” says Anita Erskine.

Aside her undeniable passion for what she does and almost unparalleled fire, Erskine is the queen of reinvention and a strong custodian of leadership. She is able to create a revolution all on her own. Her feature in this edition of the New African Woman is representative of that.

Anita Erskine is the co-host of Starr 103.5 FM’s flagship afternoon drive show “Starr Drive”. She is the host of the syndicated show, Making of a Mogul.

See some of the BTS below…

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Editor: This piece was sent in by Cypress Ghana

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