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BUKOM BANKU LIVE show and the ‘Every Pilgrim goes to Mecca his own way’ Lesson

Let’s make this plainly brief. Did you watch the maiden edition of GHone TV’s –BUKOM BANKU LIVE– last week? If you didn’t then you missed some quality time to be educated, laugh as well as some frown – ‘twas a mixed bag of emotions for me taking into consideration the history, expectation and demand – alike.

Sincerely, we should give kudos to the brains behind the whole idea, kudos to the producer and kudos to the presenter, not forgetting the guest on the show too. Within the whole period that we were glued to our screens, we had our heads laughing at one point and then questioning at another point…not for any wrong doings (content wise) but for composure and presence of the presenter’s mind.

The whole time we were watching, one thing kept running down, “Bukom is a script – one you could not simply make up’. And it showed in the breakages, at a point he looked completely lost – not because he is not a fantastic pick, but because he was playing to a certain card, which would only limit him and his creativity.

For him and the show to flow, either the show is pre-recorded so that some hiccups are watered OR allow him speak in his native GA Language with subtitles. Let him be himself the best possible way that he wants to be. Let him express himself from his dressing, his mannerism, and his best way of questioning his guests…let him be ‘Bukom Banku’.

Don’t forget that GHone TV is predominantly an English speaking station, so unlike other Twi related stations which would have easily been applauded for ‘this new style’ – a lot of flair must go into this, else it shall be a case of merry-go-round.

As a Thespian with roots in comedy – we remind people who want to educate as well as make others laugh that laughter is a tranquilizer as well as an inducer of thoughts; BUKOM BANKU LIVE producers, abeg let’s not forget this – let him be himself.

Anyways, na the first edition be dis – hopefully, subsequent editions would send viewers with weak diaphragms from their homes to the hospitals to consult their doctors.

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