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A FARRIE Question – WILL NIGERIAN ECONOMY THRIVE BEYOND OIL? …EDEM speaks with Kola Karim of Shoreline Energy, Eric Osiakwan ( Chanzo Capital), Olumide Soyombo (Bluechips Technologies) and Dayo Oyeniran of DeliverAsap on the survival of Nigerian economy beyond oil exploration

Covid 19 disrupted the status quo in the global economy shaking up how economic sectors operate. According to Worldbank.org, African (Nigeria in focus) economies are still struggling to recover from consistent negative impacts of Covid 19 Pandemic, and with the never ...

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Lawyers RE Yvonne Nelson

We have been told through the LAWYERS of YVONNE NELSON that what we published is not true contrary to what we were supposedly reliably informed. Since it’s from the Lawyer and the Horse’s own Mouth that it is not true ...

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