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CHARLOTTE DERBAN goes smooth in Chaps & Denim Jeans – must see!


Charly D comes dapper

Charlotte Derban [Charly D] stepped out with her photographer ‘Socialite Photography’ for a playful photoshoot inside Teshie Greda Estate, where she resides. Fortunately, the model’s manager turned the unplanned shoot into a captivating environment.

From a nearby boutique, new costumes were purchased. “Seriously, I think we are not making use of what we have. Your camera is dope and my model is good. Her friend here is a professional make-up artiste so what the hell are we playing for?” Yemoh Ike removed the playing web.

The Three time pageant winner and Miss Ghana finalist ‘@charly_dgh’ donned a red CHAPS Shirt, teamed with a super-skinny denim jean that clung to her pert behind and a red Young Earth Star [Yes] glasses. Make-up: Multi Tinged by Lorraine.

Do you think Charly D looks good as a tomboy in the shots?

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Photo credit: Yemoh Ike

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