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CHEQONA…a Man of Substance, Significance and Glorious Relevance for Today’s Generation and the Unborn of Tomorrow

Ghanaian born CLIFFORD CHEQONA is an entrepreneur, a pharmacist, a financial market trader, a philanthropist and brand ambassador for Jesus. From a tender age, he has lived outside the shores of Ghana, came back and went back to pursue his craft of talking to people about the law of mental transformation. Though at a point he dropped out of the business school, he later made a U-turn to study pharmacy where he is now a certified pharmacist. The eldest of three kids, he understands what leadership is; thus, his path of addressing throngs didn’t come as a fluke.

His early days of doing music which was one passion he didn’t see leaving but as they say, you never can predict what life holds for you – he just had to quit doing music even though it was fun for him at that time. “I knew I couldn’t be in the circular music world and genuinely please God”, he told us.

As to what inspired Cheqona to start Forex Trading and Motivational Speaking was simple – he was just destined to touch lives through this channel, and after eight solid years of doing same thing over and over, you’d agree with him that he has set himself as a ‘tool’ to be used by his Maker to assist people get results.

As a Ghanaian who has lived in Europe for a while, he believes that there is no place like home, therefore, no matter what we do as Africans, we should try as much as possible to come back home. And as to if there is a difference between the two worlds, his answer is “yes”, however, the major difference is the mindset of the people – so in that regards, he is working so hard with his African team to see how best he can send this message loud and clear.

Everyone get to face challenges and for Cheqona his was about not having the right mindset before he took this path but genuinely, he believes that God shone His light upon him. For him, the factors that have contributed to his success, thus far is: God – the people He connected him to, his mindset and gratitude practice.

As to what resources has he found invaluable to his business, he told us that, “my mentor told me something, he said Cliff get yourself a book of wisdom and in your book of wisdom always put things that you have learnt from in there both good and bad and let it remind you of what wasted your time and what gave you value. Have I found anything not valuable in my experience, No! I believe everything teaches us something. But one advice I will give is if you care about opinions then you have designed yourself for failure.”

“There is so much I can say about trading but the number one advice I can give is don’t try to make all the money you want in a day and quickly get your mind to understand management before you even decide to go big, to be honest I don’t think I want to be called a motivational speaker but a Light speaker, because I believe words are powerful and everyone has something to say but everything changes when we speak ‘Light Words’ that carry power; I am the light of the world and a town built on a mountain, I can’t be hidden.” This is the advice Cheqona says he’d give to aspiring Forex Trading and Motivational (Light) Speakers.

As part of his ‘Light Speaking’, he is always quick to remind upcoming personalities that they should be led and guided by the Holy Spirit as well as be open for spiritual illumination plus speak of only things they have experienced not opinions.

Furthermore, for Cheqona, one of the most difficult parts of being a motivational (light) speaker is that speaking without love will only frustrate one. “…You need to love people in other to let them be changed by what you are saying.” A quick example of what he is saying can be reference to one of his mentorship session in their academy – the audience really connected with the subject matter.

He is the lead and brain behind, – J8’32 – which is a community set out to help people know the truth so that they can become free. For more information, their YouTube channel: J8’32 has more than enough insight.

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