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Confidence-tial: The man behind socialite, CONFIDENCE HAUGEN’s pregnancy revealed

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Former BBA Ghana rep and owner of the popular Aphrodisiac Clubs Empire, CONFIDENCE HAGAN, is known to have delivered with a cute baby boy– but what the world have been itching to know is, ‘who is the man behind it?’

Confidence who currently lives in London, UK, few weeks ago told her fans that she was expectant but she didn’t tell them who was responsible (not as if it is anyone’s business though – but it would only put some icing on the cake). Confidence is one of the pioneers of Ghana’s entertainment business. 15 years ago her aphrodisiac club was the best party spot in Accra, where all the big names and stars hung-out.

Though the clubbing business has changed in Accra, as we’ve seen a lot new small launches open around the city, Confidence still remains the force and inspiration to young women and entrepreneurs in Ghana. She has since ventured into the Fashion and the Movie business. Today she owns the biggest club in Kumasi.

Whilst her baby bump got bigger as the days went by, people started to wonder who was the man behind the pregnancy of one of Ghana’s most prominent ladies and how she was able to keep a tight-lip the entire time and shield herself from the public till she was in her 7th month before the press found out anything about her pregnancy.

After several attempts to contact the queen Mamaga were unsuccessful we decided to further investigate…When sources close to Confidence led us to the hospital where Confidence was having a baby boy.

Rumors have been flying around that she may be involved with Nigerian business tycoon (name withheld) and that this same man may be the father of the first child – The man behind the baby is said to have stayed with her for over half-a-decade now, thus, aside from the new-born there seems to be a wedding bell soon to be jingled according to our insider.

What we also gathered is that the Nigerian has huge investments across the West Africa sub-regions. Though everyone is waiting to see the man behind the baby, but we trust Mamaga to handle situations when cynics like sea billows roll.

Whatever happens in the life of Confidence, the fact remains that she is adventurous, bold and daring – also deserves a good man. For those who know her, they know that she has got a big heart and her style is a unique one that carries a distinctly African delight.

We want to congratulate Confidence as she and her fans celebrate the arrival of a new-born baby boy, we wish her grace whilst also reminding her fans that we shall keep our eyes opened and come back with more details as the story unfolds.


Credit: AfricanEntertainment

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