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Covid-19 Lockdown: Nollywood QUEEN DORA OYEBADE initiates another rewarding engagement for Nigerian youths after disbursing of over 1.5 Million Naira

Her Royal Majesty Mrs. Dora Ibekwe Oyebade has turned her YouTube Channel as a medium of constant engagement with Nigeria youths this lockdown period as she has consistently churned out activities with cash rewards as an incentive to get the youths into utilizing their time judiciously.

The UK based Nollywood queen kicked off these serial activities by initiating a free give away of 2000 Naira to the youths  to buy data and engage themselves with online activities that will assist them comply to the stay at home directives of the federal government of Nigeria, her initial plan was to disburse 1.5Million naira to about 400 youths within the age of 18 to 25 but ended up receiving over 4000 bank account information requesting for the freebie .

She ended up exceeding her budget and some friends supported her with funds to ensure most of the youths were not left out. This was to  ensure they are not disappointed or sad for not benefitting from it,  She  followed it up with an essay competition of just 4 paragraphs which the winner will bag the sum of 10,000 Naira and one Nwachukwu Julius won from the assessment of her panel of judges.

50 youths from all corners and tribes of the nation participated in the essay competition which was all about them explaining in 200 words or 4 paragraphs what they are doing to keep themselves and others safe during this covid-19 outbreak. She was a bit disappointed on the number that participated in the essay which was about 1% of the 4000 that sent her account for a free token of 2000 naira which came without any responsibility.

To drive more interest to the next program that she has for the youth she sent a token to all the 50 youths that participated in the essay as a participation fee for making the effort and to replace the data that they spent participating in the essay competition.

“Youths you need to learn how to work at home, this is a time to learn at home, and you have to understand that you have to work hard to earn your pay that’s the need for this assignments that will be coming your way this season, you shouldn’t be depending on freebies, it’s not the right mentality with which to survive in this hard knock life.” She explained.

“Dear youths you need to be busy, you need to do some sort of research, an online study, because this kind of holiday may not come again to us in our lifetime. You didn’t work before you got the money from me, and if you are serious, you can get this money from me every week.”

The actress and producer has explained that she is doing this because she loves to give and not because she is wealthy or have an excess but rather engaging this youths at this their free time in a bid to engineer a paradigm shift in them is the best she can do at this time and she finds it very fulfilling.

Few days ago she dropped another assignment with a prize, which will get the youths to research on graphic designing online as they are expected to create a digital flier with her image and three words defining her persona from their diverse experiences of herself.

Nigerian youths all over the nation are finding thrill in the now weekly engagement as they have seen a reliable platform of making some money online by just participating in a simple task that is geared towards their own self development, if this was the education style in the nation, both the children of the poor and the rich would have devoted their time and energy in studying thereby enhancing their skill and capacity development thereby creating a more promising future for the nation.

The renowned actress and movie producer whose movie credits include Heavy Mama in London; Shattered Hearts; Amina; Shameful Deceit; which she also produced; 18 Carat Mama; Mum Dad Meet Sam; Murderer-in-Law; Basira in London is receiving lots of commendations for her laudable initiative as she has given the youths regardless of where they are in the nation, something to look forward to in this time that is fraught with uncertainties.

Nigerian youths are encouraged to subscribe to her YouTube channel https://youtu.be/QwwHeTbiktA for more rewarding opportunities geared towards their capacity development.

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