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Covid-19 Pandemic response: SHEROES Union Initiates Relief Fund for Africa, calls for more Support

The Leadership of Global African SHEROES Union (GASU) has publicly announced guidelines to access their $10, 000, 00 relief fund which is part of their initiative aimed at encouraging and enhancing the efforts of their members  in the 16 countries that they operate  to get into the field   in their diverse localities  and play a part in the social  preservation and psychological reconstruct  of their communities by assisting in defending their nations as SHEROES, regardless of how small the effort in alleviating the  harsh impact of the  covid-19 to their people .

The Global Nurse Evers COVID-19 Relief Fund is a $10,000 commitment funded by the International SHEROE Investment Susu to both memorialize Nurse Eunice Evers of the Tuskegee Experiments conducted by the United Public Health Service from between 1932-1972 and support African SHEROE-led global relief efforts to address critical needs in communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic where SHEROE Sisterhoods operate.

The Fund will distribute monthly grants to SHEROE-led initiatives across five specific priorities identified in the Global African SHEROES Union EMERGENCY Corona Response Report:

•            Assisting essential workers on the front lines by ensuring that communities have access to the latest science-based information.

•            Providing assistance to the most vulnerable populations experiencing food insecurity, especially seniors and homeless individuals.

•            Distant Learning and Family Connections – Supporting children and families in the wake of school closures.

•            Socially Distant Mental and Physical Health Awareness and Education.

•          Violence against Women and Girls Prevention and Response Services.

The GASU Washington Office in USA will be in charge of overseeing this process as members of the union in Africa are encouraged to pitch ideas or proposals on the 5 premise stipulated above.

The International SHEROE Investment Susu is a leading global investment management firm that provides a wide range of financial services to a global African client base with a focus on incubating micro-enterprise startup companies and community based investment literacy.

Founded in 2016, the fund is a subsidiary of the GASU Triad which includes Global African SHEROES Union, SHEROES Sisterhood and SHEROE shop.

Angela Sayles, International Host GASU has indicated that the union is also open for donations or support from individuals or corporate organizations keen in supporting their community engagement projects in the fight against Covid-19 in Africa.

“The world is at war with an invisible enemy, the first responders which are our health workers are putting their life at risk to ensure our general safety, we don’t fancy the idea of abandoning some sections of our society to this challenge alone, we can assist our health workers by amplifying the social distancing and self-isolation guidelines in our communities to ensure that the people comply to the stay at home directive.”  She explained.

“We can help the less privileged by providing some relief materials, food, hand sanitizers ,soap etc to ensure  they are in a good social condition  to fight the pandemic and of course  hunger,  as these are vital in assisting them to  comply to the directives as well‘’ She reiterated.

She expressed concern on the need for parents and guardians to engage their wards in academic exercises from time to time in their homes, so that they can easily pick up from where they left behind when this is over and not get too complacent with their academics in other to avoid a relapse in performance.

Global African SHEROES Union (GASU) exists to protect the economic, social, political interest and upward mobility of African women and their communities. Their global membership is comprised of SHEROES Sisterhood leaders and Shop owners from 16 countries that represent the will of African women in the country of their origin.

The union is collectively interested in understanding, empowering, supporting and improving the socio-economic conditions of African women and girls beyond geographic location, language, religion, and class, in a sustainable manner, which is a work in progress.

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