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Decisive December for the Multi Sectoral Coalition against Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling

On Friday, the 18th of December, about 41 individuals representing different organizations consisting of Traditional Rulers, Civic Society Organizations, Economists, Culture experts, Researchers, Moralists, Road, Sea and Air transport workers, mental health expert, are expected to meet once again to finalize the mission, vision statements for the partnership and finally choose the  name of the multi sectoral coalition of relevant stakeholders against human trafficking and migrant smuggling.

Deliberations on steps towards actualizing this coalition commenced on the 30th of August 2020, when the maiden meeting initiated by All Africa Media Network and The Council of African Elders and Women Intercultural Dialogue took place virtually.

The maiden discourse was attended by over 33 of the invited 41 individuals representing different organizations, which are considered vital in the fight against trafficking and smuggling of migrants, out of which many has been consistent in meeting attendance over the course of the last 4 months.

Roles and Responsibilities for each of the offices that are vital to commencement of operation for the coalition will also be discussed by all participants of the discourse, in order to ensure that some of the representing individuals of the organizations can assume offices in the coalition, perfecting its set up.

Also the success of the December 18th Virtual meeting will be pivotal in ensuring the process of registering the coalition as an incorporated association by February 2021, as the continental multi sectoral coalition for all Africans, aims to tackle the menace of human trafficking and smuggling of migrants head on, before the economic recession and depression the Covid-19 pandemic is expected to unleash on global economy is in full bloom.

Data is local and it is important to note that the different efforts to fight trafficking are responding to different appreciation of the underlying causes, and a platform that will unify these efforts in a communally shared objective and precision is required for a larger picture of contingencies.

Imagine the scenario of African civic society groups, Mediterranean based NGOs and other international agencies coming together in one language to share Ideas, exchange information, build a multi-modal and cross sector relationship involving all relevant actors to strengthen the efforts to engineer a continental counter cultural movement to totally STOP TRAFFICKING and Migrant Smuggling of all Africans.

The ultimate dream of the coalition is to build a one stop hub, where travel agencies, road transport workers, airport officials, hospitality managers, traditional rulers, economists, media practitioners, law makers, mental health experts, religious leaders, survivors of trafficking and migrant smuggling and more, will synergize with each other to harmonize their diverse understanding of the problem and coalesce in providing ideas to stun the perpetrators of this crimes, stopping them in their tracks.

It will also serve as a catalyst to proffering solutions to the socio-economic and moral issues that influences the rise of trafficking and migrant smuggling in our societies, as well as creating an interface committee with which to advice African governments on how to lead the emerging  Africa to its full potentials economic wise.

The Economic and research committee of the coalition alongside its other operational arms, will also be pivotal in  holding  African leaders accountable to their inaction’s and promises of creating economic opportunities that will enhance the prospects of African youths, helping the youth find a place for their dreams and aspirations on the continent.

Credit: This piece was written by C. Iwuoha, the Editor-In-Chief of Nigeria Eye Newspaper

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