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Developing an Irresistible, Profit Magnet and Competitive Edge Web Content — Part 1

I remember with nostalgia how my Pastor, Francis Madojemu used to hammer it in our ears 10-12 years ago during Bridge Network Seminar – how it’s important for business owners to own a website.

He used to tell us “why limit your products and services to the people in your environment when you can showcase same to the world by simply setting up a website for your company.”

My post today is not about arguing if it’s the role of a Pastor to teach you how to expand your source of income.

I highlighted that experience to tell us that if you haven’t realized that your organization needs a solid website; something you should have known about a decade or more – ago, then, you’re probably running your business in an outdated style.


Because the argument has shifted from –why you should have a website — to developing irresistible content that’ll keep traffic flowing to your online office (website) which will directly and indirectly propel people’s interest in your products, services and thereby resulting into expanding your customer base and eventually making you more profit.

What then, is Website Content?

Website Content actually defines the reason why you’re creating or created a website. Similar to same purpose of setting up your physical office.

The challenge most business owners –who have a website for their businesses or organizations have today is: most of them cannot specifically tell how much value, in terms of profit they are realizing from their website.

Of course, it’s an ego booster, when you give out your complimentary card, or publish a business post online and you attach your website link to it.

But can you possibly say that you have had an increase in your customer base as a result of your website? Or the content of your website has directly brought more customers or followers to your organization’s Social Media accounts?

Maximizing Your Web Office

Few months ago, my team approached the owner of a Make-up company.

This organization has the best of equipment and human resources; situated in an eyebrow part of the city, in the Capital.

Yes, you get to see few ladies with expensive cars come around to do Make-up and gist. Some men do bring their babes too.

Out of curiosity, to see if the owner is really maximizing all the resources she has put in place and cost of running business in such an environment, we checked the website address on her complimentary card, but nothing impressive had been published that shows that she’s targeting audience beyond her current network of customers and physical office location.

I expected to see categories of the website highlighting details of:

* Professional Profiles of her Specialists

* Range of services she offers

* Customers comfortability in pictures

* Highlights parking space advantage her customers has

* Easy payment option

* Customer Relations/Complaint Section

* Home and events service options

* Consultancy etc

Well, you may say; but I have all these displayed on my website, yet, I can’t say my website has helped increase my customer base since I started running the Website.

Truth is, it’s not enough that you listed all of the above. How you package the content in regards to each of the categories is another thing entirely. A proper scrutinization will reveal where you’re getting it wrong.

However, that’s not all to it.

I decided to use a Make-up service company as an example just to highlight certain points.

As we all know, every business is unique based on it services, products and targeted audience.

But the lesson here is: There’s more to setting up a website.

There’s more to having pictures and some contents uploaded once in a while.

There’s more to being able to show off your web link.

If the value your website is generating is not reflecting in your balance sheet, you definitely need to read the conclusive aspect of this piece.

In the subsequent part of this piece, I will show you how to move to the next phase of running a website that will have tangible reflections on your customer-base; social media fan-base; relevance in your industry and profit-base.

Lastly, I will show you how maximizing your business website would give you an unprecedented edge in your over-crowded, ever competitive industry.

Till we meet again next week, stay productive!


About the Write: Ajayi Oluwapelumi Tobi is a Media Strategist at Inspiration Empire Media. 

He’s a Web Page Architect, Content Developer, Manager, Publicist and Stock Market Enthusiast.

Email: inspirationempire@gmail.com

WhatsApp lines: (+233)540230770 / (+234)8163664417

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