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Developing an Irresistible, Profit Magnet and Competitive Edge Web Content — Part 2

Good to be back this week with the part two of this article.

Before we dive into this pool of knowledge, let me quickly refresh your minds on what I discussed in the part one of this article last week.

In my previous article, I highlighted:

* The importance of having a website for your business.

* The value of developing an irresistible Web Content.

* Maximizing what you have: equipment, human resources, organization structure, location among others.

If you missed it, CLICK HERE…

Like I do tell my clients, the motivation for every business venture is profit!

The moment some parts of your venture stops making profit, two things are involved: it is either you are making a loss or it has been turned into a philanthropic venture.

Of course, every entrepreneur’s desire is to make profits from every business venture. That desire is what Inspiration Empire Media (IEM) has come to ensure you realize.

Our strategic dimension of helping you make profit has taken form of that one stone that has the capability of killing three to four birds at a go.

It’s no magic!

It’s practical!

It’s also a process!

If diligently followed through, you’ll enjoy the impact as long as your business remains alive and website remains active.

But first, let’s help you do some basic introspection in regards to how much value your business website has added to your organization in terms of:

* Publicity

* Profitability

* Client base increase

* Competitive Edge

* Relevance in your industry

* Increase fan-base on your Social Media platforms

* Consultancy, among others

Write each of these points down.

Score your organization as you highlight – in specific terms – how your website has added value to your organization in each of the stated areas above.

If you get 80/100, you probably should join my team!

But I doubt if many private organizations could get anywhere close to 50; most especially entrepreneurs who needs the growth the most.

The basic reason why this is the case for many business organizations is that their understanding about floating a website is limited.

If a website is conceived as a result of: I think I should have a website too.

It will make my organization look sophisticated

It will look good on my complimentary card

It will enable people to know about by organization and services.

Then, you are likely not to enjoy much benefit from the points stated above.

Web Pages Architecture In Consonant with your Organization’s Vision:

The nature of your business/organization which is primarily informed by your vision should inform the design of your web pages.

Many organizations’ websites are too boring; reason your customers rarely visit.

The web pages and content style are just too common. You can easily predict the content of certain companies involved in similar businesses.

Part of what business vision inspires –apart from meeting needs — is creativity; uniqueness of going about meeting such needs, and the application of effective publicity tool.

When you are done getting your business vision written down amongst other things business people do, and you are certain it’s time to build your website, look — not just for a website developer; request for a website developer with web page architectural skills and instinct.

Which brings us to the question? Who is a Web Page Architect?

A web page architect is someone who can see through your organization’s vision; understands the goals your organization have in mind at different stages of it growth; have in-depth understanding of your primary and secondary audience; knows your products and services; research your competitors and conclusively knows what it takes to birth a website fit to weather the storm of your market and give you an edge in your industry.

Till we meet again next week, stay productive.


About the Write: Ajayi Oluwapelumi Tobi is a Media Strategist at Inspiration Empire Media. 

He’s a Web Page Architect, Content Developer, Manager, Publicist and Stock Market Enthusiast.

Email: inspirationempire@gmail.com

WhatsApp lines: (+233)540230770 / (+234)8163664417

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