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Developing an Irresistible, Profit Magnet and Competitive Edge Web Content – Part 3

As I was preparing the Part 3 of this article, I stumbled on a report published by Nairametrics.com, a foremost financial news site in Nigeria, titled: Websites of biggest Nigerian companies ranked worst to best. This research involves 30 biggest companies on Nigerian Stock Exchange also known as NSE 30.

The excitement that vibrated through my nerves couldn’t be compared to that of someone who was high on cocaine, because this report so corroborate the whole essence of the topic I have been expatiating on – for two weeks – on this platform.

If you are one of those doubting Thomases, thinking this topic is not worth giving your time to, this report will shock you! Because you would be amazed when you see the names of heavy weight companies whose website had poor rating in almost all ramifications. Their challenge is not money but rather knowledge that could prompt them to prioritize the website by equipping it with every necessary technology and to also maximize it fully.

Out of the NSE 30, Dangote Sugar Plc, Diamond Bank Plc, NASCON Plc, 11 Plc, Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc, International Breweries, Dangote Cement Plc, Forte oil, Nigerian Breweries, Transcorp Plc had the lowest ranking based on the report.

What this means is that, based on the yardstick the researchers used, their website is poorly rated in the following areas:

* Security

* Functionality

* Speed

* Up-to-date information

* Top-notch graphics

* User-friendly experience

* Optimization

* Aesthetics

* E-customer relations via Live Chatbot

However, if you want to know the websites that make the top 10 on the list, kindly check out Nairametrics.com yourself because in today’s series, I will be delving more into the responsibilities of a Web-page Architect and it link with Web Content Developer/Manager’s responsibilities.

Some readers would ask: is it possible for a website to perform excellently well in regards to the points stated above – even if your company’s worth is not up to 5-percent net worth of the above companies that was ranked poorly?

My answer is yes! You ask how?

That’s where the job of a Web-page Architect and Content Developer/Manager comes in.

Number one thing your organization needs to know is that, fortification of a website in all aspect is strategically built — with time — as the company progresses.

The work of a Web-page Architect, Web Content Developer and Manager continue as long as the company expands in it services to the public.

It’s the job of someone with this skills to know what new page should be added to the already existing ones — based on research — as far as consistent engagement of traffic inflow to the site in concerned.

To identify potential threats the website is likely to encounter based on new development in the tech World and in relation to the industry of the specific company.

To do a survey on how user-friendly the site is; Google optimization for easy inflow of traffic; site speed, captivating and classic graphics, as well as maximum functionality in regards to constant information — beneficial to your primary and secondary audience or prospective clients.

If your company could engage someone with this skills, he/she must be part of the company’s management meetings in order to know what decision the company is making or not making; how consistent is it with the expectations of customers and brand being projected online; content to be developed to further strengthen the new decision online via the company’s website; survey to be developed and how it’s intended to influence boardroom decisions etc

My question is, how many companies with online presence have truly and sincerely engaged their website developer in this way? It’s even more interesting when the perspective of some company owners of a website is like a house; once built, that’s all. It must remain like that till thy kingdom come. No!

Unless your online office is seen and run like your physical office – where daily activities are performed daily, you are not likely to get the best out of it.

To be continued. Till I see you again next week, stay productive!

Ajayi Oluwapelumi Tobi is a Media Strategist at Inspiration Empire Media (IEM).
He’s a Web-Page Architect, Content Developer, Manager, Publicist and Stock Market Enthusiast.
WhatsApp lines: +233)540230770/(+234)8163664417

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