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DING DONG: How long is the Normal Time a Man should last in Bed?

Lasting long in bed is gifted by God for some people, while some find it difficult to last the actual time they want – which makes the latter use different types of things just to last longer and ‘in the long walk to freedom’, probably won’t still yield results.

 According to a certain school-of-thought, what makes some men not to last longer in bed might have to do with their addiction to too much of sugary things which apparently can make any man look so weak in the presences of a wet sumptuous ‘V’.

Another school-of-thought believe that arguably almost all girls want men that can make them receive the “best ‘pounding’ of their lives”, and to make this awesomeness come to reality, certainly a common-quickie-ding dong wouldn’t do the magic.

Accepted that all men were created differently, thus, have different duration on bed but Ytainment News ask; HOW LONG IS THE NORMAL TIME A MAN SHOULD LAST IN BED?

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