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Don’t you think we need decorum in the Ghana Music Industry? Jamila puts this ‘piece’ together, asking when there will be ‘peace’ among artists

Word on the street these days is support and appreciates your own. The question still remains are we doing that how do our musician support each other.

How can fellow artistes who are supposed to have each other’s back and support themselves are rather out there trashing each other on social media and recording diss songs all in the name of it is good for business. As it is Ghanaian showbiz revolves around controversies and being on each other’s neck.

The question that we often ask ourselves is that is it done out of jealousy or envy. Who knows? These musicians have to bear in mind that people look up to them as role models and as such, they should stop this bickering and do what is expected of them to put mother Ghana on the map. This dissing chapter of Ghanaian music cannot be completely wiped away but then at least, our artistes should try and avoid it if necessary.

Let’s support our own not only goes out to our talented musicians, but to our movie producers as well. The likes of Leila Djansi, Shirley Frimpong-Manso among others are doing very well in producing great movies amidst our crumbling movie industry.

We as Ghanaians especially our stars should learn how to stay united and help push and support our own (fellow colleagues). There have been several occasions where most of our musicians have voiced out their frustrations on how we should support our own. Nigerian artiste Mr. Eazi once mentioned that Nigerian musicians are being influenced by Ghanaian sounds but then let’s ask ourselves this question, “why are they doing very well globally”.

Ghanaian music is loved outside but since we are not pushing harder and reluctant to help each other, we are falling behind. Fuse ODG, Sarkodie, Stonebwoy and others are trying as hard as they can possibly can to put mother Ghana out there, so I urge the rest to support them. Let us let unity lead us. Envy and jealousy is not the answer.

There is a great future for the Ghanaian Showbiz industry so let us support and show appreciation to our artistes and movie producers  so they aim high and make Ghana proud always.

Artistes can show support to their fellow artistes by helping promote their songs and in case there is a new release, they can help spread the word .looking at the number of fans they have, it will help in going a long way.

So let’s learn to support our own as artistes.


Written by Jamila Sowah for Ytainment News


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