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DROMERYDA: The Beautiful Narrative where Class has been the Telling Factor for a Former Miss Malaika Contestant & GTP Influencer

So in the line of our job, we come across different personalities from different backgrounds, upbringings, age, class, everything; we talk with them, share laughter and try as much as possible to get deep into what makes them who they are and whatnot – recently, we spent time with an highly imaginative and very artistic DROMERYDA A. AGYAPONG, a 25-year-old lady born into the family of five. And of a truth, what first caught our attention to want to talk with this lady is that she is mostly fascinated by photographs and colors, thus, her passion for ‘influencing’ for Brands didn’t come as a fluke…check her out on her Instagram page and you’d concur with us.

Let’s tell you that DRO partook in one of the Miss Malaika pageants, though it wasn’t something she wanted to do initially but with friends and family members urging her to give it a ‘go’, she sure had an amazing experience. She was part of the ‘Top 5’. Speaking with her during that exercise (then), she told us that the process was fulfilling, more also, that the pageant taught her so much, plus earned her the ‘Miss Congeniality’ and the ‘Most Down to Earth’ gongs; same contest earned her scholarship to study at Abbeam University plus a trip to Dubai and a few other places across the globe.

As an influencer to some notable brands in Ghana, past and present, this young lady understands that integrity is key, thus she chooses wisely on the type of association she wants to be known with. For example, having worked with GTP since 2017 till date, you can tell that her interest in African Prints is second to none.

In 2019, she started her yearly ‘Mother’s Day’ giveaway initiative in partnership with GTP – till date; it has been a success as lots of mothers across Ghana have been blest with goodies, beautiful fabrics and so much more. These are some of the exciting ingenuity that we can boldly say that Dromeryda has taken upon herself to see that the society becomes a better place for humanity. As part of the 2022 celebration, we gather that something huge is in the pipeline, about to happen.

For a persona whose guiding principles of putting herself first as well as be selfless – have seen her through this journey of life – one can only say “kudos” to her. Coming in line with the ‘new’ world were social media razzmatazz seems to be the order of the day; she has steadily allowed her principles in life to guide her; she can’t be bothered, she can’t be swayed.

DRO is a lady who has a mind of her own, in same vein; she wants the youths of today to have minds of their own. She believes that people ought to live, make mistakes, correct them, embrace change, get motivated, and learn to stay out of bad companies which could corrupt one’s good character.

As a very family oriented character, ‘family’ means everything to her, “…the best support system”, she once told us. To her, ‘family’ gives that type of rare unconditional love.

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