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DUCHESSE de CHATEAU FORT Champagne Ghana’s Rep – BETTY of BETNET GHANA tells us how the cava brand have showed their liqueur d’expedition reputation to back their pedigree

After spending a good part of their youth in France studying wine and marketing, two young Fanco-Togolese entrepreneurs decided to materialize their love of Southwest France by creating a wine brand that associates the terroir with West African culinary tastes. It is a blend that combines elegance and finesse with the spicy flavors of West Africa.

After five years of research, the two partners had a wonderful encounter with an independent wine producer’s estate. It is the meeting with a family of independent winemakers and owners in the South of France for several generations, which gave birth to the elaboration of the wine.

We caught up DUCHESSE de CHATEAU FORT Ghana’s representative in person of Miss BETTY FOSU to share with us how far and well they are doing since their coming into this part of West Africa…

Thank you for talking with us, you came into the market with wine and champagne – which is really moving in the market from where you stand

Thank you for having me. BETNET GHANA is the company handling all marketing and sales activities for DUCHESSE DE CHATEAU FORT in Ghana. It hasn’t been too long since our wines and champagne got into the market but honestly I am overwhelmed by the reviews, comments, reactions, sales, support and the general acceptance in this short while. With an ambition to develop the brand throughout Africa we currently have three products in our portfolio; they are Red Tradition (wine), Duchesse Brut and Rosé (quality champagne).

Let’s talk about the champagne first, tell us everything that makes this brand beautiful to the eyes and amazing to the heart?

We have the Brut and Rosé which are both ancestral method made. Talking about our Brut ‘sparkling wine’ which comes from a single grape called Manzac.  The Rosé on the other hand ‘sparkling wine’ also comes from one variety of grape 100% gamay. It appears in a pink strawberry candy color, fruity, flattering nose with notes of red fruit ‘Strawberry’. A very exquisite set which only has to be crunched and enjoyed. Their crystal and fruity bubbles is everything anyone can ask for in a single bottle. Because of its natural and aromatic taste not even a glass taken can be forgotten by anyone.

With the wine, do you think it’s a competition for the champagne brand? If not so, then what has set this apart in terms of uniqueness?

COMPETITION!? Not at all [laughs]. They are both specially, uniquely and peculiarly made with variety of sweet grapes. The wine is quite light with a cherry reflection, a little spicy and peppery with an alcohol content of 12.5%. I call it a ‘Greedy Wine’. It can be served as an ideal accompaniment to grilled meats, toasts and other simple dishes. As compared to the champagne, the Brut has an alcohol content of 12% and the Rosé is 12.5%. With its fine and fruity bubbles, it can also be served as an aperitif or desserts. All the same, both the wine and champagne goes perfectly well with various celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, house parties, gifts and other festivities.

DUCHESSE DECHATEAUFORT is surely a brand of heritage and history; tell us how this has helped the brand soar higher

In the past century we have gotten three different appellations from the south of France. Our consistency in great production has given us great success in the past and there is so much prestige in today’s century. We are very grateful.

With your effective dominance in Francophone counties, what are some of the plans put in place to make sure that such dominance becomes a part of your Anglophone stride?

Funny enough the Anglophone strides as you put it are really embracing our French wines and champagnes. This goes a long way to say we are already on the path to dominating their taste buds and market. Currently our major aim is to push the brand through all marketing channels (examples bloggers and brand influencers advertising on various platforms, outlets activations, running of promotions, etc.)

The Night clubs, Lounge bars, Restaurants, Pubs, Shops or specialized stores, Events and individuals are all targets medium for the brand throughout Africa as a whole.

With competitors in sight, what can your consumers expect from now till let’s say infinity, as long as you are operating? 

‘Luxury in a bottle’ and “the brand which is here to stay” that’s basically what I will say. So all competitors should watch the space; and to the individual, it’s the finest and rich product (produce) from us they’ll never forget.

Special thanks go to each individual who has contributed in any way or form for the success of the brand so far. We are a few months old in Ghana but the journey has been amazing. Thanks to DUCHESSE DE CHATEAU FORT for bringing me and my team (BETNET) on board and it promises to be a smooth ride to success. For our current, potential and future customers thanks for accepting DUCHESSE DE CHATEAU FORT brands.

For enquires/purchase contact us on: +233260978721

Boulevard liquor shop: +233543408919

Follow us on all social media platform @duchesse_dechateaufort and @duchesse_dechateaufort_af

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