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ELIMES OUTFIT: a Party Magic of Flamboyance, Fit & Focus…for Fashion Lovers, they are your heaven-sent brand

ELIMES OUTFIT is arguably one of the fast rising fashion brands in Ghana and Africa alike. Their perspective that one’s business is an extension of one’s personality simply ignites that abstract qualities, thus, expressed in their crafts. For a passion driven brand with a hunger and growing appetite to make a positive impact in this world, it’s in order to say that we appreciate them as the power to cause their desired effect and also their legacy. We caught up with the CEO in Accra, Ghana to tell us more about the legacy they are building; first of all, we asked about being a Nigerian and setting up such an amazing brand in Ghana…

Being a Nigerian, why did you choose Ghana as the country to set up your Brand?

I migrated from Nigeria to Ghana for my tertiary education at Wisconsin International University College Ghana where I majored in Business Management and Computer Studies that was when I developed my passion for a business in Fashion. As a subscriber to the school of thought that the appearance of academicians could discourage millennial from taking up a career in academia, I was displeased with the wardrobe choices of most of them. Based on my observations, most lecturers are not fashion-oriented, I identified an untapped niche and came up with a hypothesis that setting up a clothing brand that targets this audience at their place of work while offering them flexible payment plans and free delivery service would help make an impact on their appearance. That was the core offering and the genesis of this beautiful and rewarding fashion career.

So how did Elimes Outfit come into life, at what stage did this idea ignites and where are you now in terms of growth?

Elimes Outfit was birthed in my quest to improve the looks of academicians which happened during my undergraduate degree programme. Where am I now in terms of growth? I believe growing a brand can be related to nursing a child. As to growth, it can only be measured by the yardstick of vision. Looking from the perspective of my vision for the brand, I would say the brand is still at her infant stage. In no distant future, it would be worthy of measuring growth.

With so many brands almost similar to what you dream of coming out with, was there any moment you felt an iota of doubt, fear or the mind of not starting at all?

It may sound strange but sincerely fear wasn’t in the picture because my adventure into fashion business was not so much of a profit driven mentality but instead it was an effort to meet a need. University days were quite challenging for me being a God-Sponsored Student, regardless of that, the motive for delving into the business was not for survival or profit but to set my passion in motion and to fulfill that inner prompting in me. I guess that’s why I had no fear. Let me add this, I learnt the fashion industry is very competitive but I don’t really agree. The excellent brands are of high demand. The only competition would be within oneself – your ability to command excellence.

Aside fashion related things that you do, what other things do Elimes Outfit brand involved in? 

At the moment nothing outside fashion. However, we are working to create a value chain in the sector with an immediate milestone of providing a complementary service in laundry for bespoke outfits and fabrics. By so doing, we’d be ensuring good quality control and maximum durability of our clients’ outfits.

Tell us about your Clienteles’ and what keeps bringing then?

We cater mostly to Academicians, Diplomats, Senior Executives of Organizations and Business Men. These audiences have a special desire for excellence in quality and detailing. In addition, they demand exceptional service conditions. At Elimes Outfit we are committed to providing excellence in product detailing & quality. Our Client retention strategy is centered on product excellence, a unique customer service experience…You’ll need to be a client to experience this for yourself.

Have you been on any fashion show to showcase your amazing Products; if YES, how was or were the experiences like…and if NO, do you have plans for this year?

Elimes Outfit was at Wisconsin’s Fashion show organized by its Student Representative Council in 2015. It was a nerve-wracking experience as I had to stand before an audience of over 500 people. On a brighter side, it was a great & adventurous experience being able to showcase and promote our products to that number of people in a sitting! Elimes Outfit was to participate in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Algeria in April this year and then the global pandemic (Covid-19) stroke altering all plans and preparations. We look forward to participating in 2021, God willing.

Let’s talk about the challenges from when you started up to now how have you conquered them? 

I think challenges are a test of one’s worthiness for the next level. I have come to understand this fact and appreciate it. I am always ready to overcome each challenge that my carrier presents. Sincerely my formula is simple: prayer, critical thinking, consultation, brainstorming and doggedness have always been my way out. Blessings come to the patient and bold- have you clocked that ‘blessings’ stage with your brand yet? I wouldn’t say I have gotten to that stage yet. Like I said in my earlier remarks. I consider the brand to be at the infant stage even though we cater to some high profile men in the nation. However, I would say I’m grateful for the opportunities and blessings the brand has attracted in these early days. It’s a sign of a promising future in the fashion industry.

For younger persons like you who are giving up on their passion, how would you encourage them not to give up?

I believe giving up on one’s passion is like submitting the answer sheet without attempting to answer the questions at all. No one said it was going to be easy but know for sure it is Possible. You can do it irrespective of your countless reasons not to. Endurance and patience are not just virtues but spirits that every great person possesses and everyone has a potential to do great things if only we harness it.

As a Nigerian living and working in Ghana- what are the blessings and challenges being a Nigerian?

I have been in Ghana for ten years now and that makes me feel at home only that the continual renewal of my residence permit reminds me that I’m far from home. Sometimes it is a blessing; some people love me for being a Nigerian while others don’t. One thing I have learnt is to comport myself in a way that my target audience, especially my prospects, see the genuineness in me. My business proposals & marketing strategies are structured in a way that wouldn’t prompt any doubts.

Elimes Outfit Showroom address:

(16 Brakwatso CP Adjiringanor, East Legon, Accra, Ghana)

(Elimes Outfit Office on Google Map)

Telephone: +233 (0)55 486 0535, +233 (0)20 636 5189

Website: www.elimesoutfit.com

Facebook: @Elimesoutfit




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