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ELIMES OUTFIT presents its new wave collection, calls it the…NOUVELLE VAGUE COLLECTION

NOUVELLE VAGUE COLLECTION highlights the beauty of family and oneness. It’s a Merry Season and a time when most evaluate accomplishments. Sadly, accomplishments are often measured on materialistic bases while we forget to appreciate the most important things in life, one of which is Family.

The quality time spent with those we love is the real luxury. As you prioritize family this season and create beautiful memories, New Wave Collection is here to spice up your experience.

Talk about THE Choice for men & women with exclusive desire for Luxury Clothing Experience — Nouvelle Vague Collection is! Our goal was to create style choices for you and yours in such a Merry Season as this. Let’s make you stand-out this Season and beyond. The collection ranges from Memorial Bonding ‘Family Anko’ Choice to Semi-Formal Executive Wears while preserving the “smart, young at heart looks”.

The New Wave Collection boasts of well-tailored outfits with Premium Exclusive Detailing. The approach to showcase the collection is quite different from any ever! Models of different body structures were featured to tell your story and practically show that we are intentional and mindful of ALL – from tall to plus size and everything in between.

Nouvelle Vague Collection was inspired by the drive to craft new functional styles for men & women with exclusive clothing taste. It’s a Collection like no other featuring simple and bold looks simultaneously.

The brilliant color choices and embellishment of carefully selected appliques will make long lasting fashion statements. It indeed encapsulates great style choices for lovers of timeless fashion.

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