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Evergreen: Kafui Danku gets one year of bliss added to her age


Happy birthday to KAFUI DANKUI as she adds another year to her age today. Her beauty, charisma, smartness, and creativity all speak volumes to her progressiveness.

The actress cum producer has blossomed in years, as well as grown to become one of the country’s finest creative minds.

She has acted in movies like ‘A Little Affair’, ‘Heal My Heart’, ‘4play Reloaded’, ‘Shadows in the Dark’, ‘Sin of the Soul’, ‘A Reason to Kill’, ‘Tribe’, ‘Hotel Babylon’, and many more.

But in 2013,her movie, ‘Letters to My Mother’ got lots of reviews both local and international, and in the same vein, her superb discharge of the role in the movie earned her the ‘Best New Actress of the Year (Ghana)’ at that year’s plush City People Entertainment Awards.

She has since not relented and her persistence to become the best earned her the ‘2014 Best Supporting Actress of the Year (Ghana)’ again at this year’s prestigious CPEAs and the ‘Entertainment Person of the Year award’ at the All Africa Media Networks Awards in Accra, Ghana.

Aside acting and directing, she is also the CEO of ABC Pictures media house, a grounded filming media empire which will stop at nothing to give Africa and the world the best. She is adventurous, bold and daring.

Her esteem fans worldwide wish her a blissful long life and prosperity.

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