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Exposed! Organizers of Miss Universe Ghana plan to crown a new winner for 2015 from USA

Abena Akuaba-Miss Universe Ghana 2014 photos (6-6)

Abena Akuaba was the winner in 2014

Roberta Annan, the organizer of Miss Universe Ghana may soon be counting her lose as she is said to have lost out of the case which she was sued by one of the former winners, Miss Universe Ghana 2013, Gifty.

Roberta, who is somehow known for her ways of not leaving to her words, is said to be battling with different issues concerning the pageantry and how much she wants to see it leave her shoulders. Matters arising also has it that the camp is divided and most of her partners are on the verge of backing out if she doesn’t seat up. In regards of seating up, Roberta is about ‘pleasing’ her counterparts in USA so as to have their loyalty as well.

With this new development, our source says that probably (maybe until we broke this news), the new winner of Miss Universe Ghana 2015 may be coming from the United States of America. It will be recalled that there have being inconsistencies from the corners of Roberta who was saved by the whiskers of not going to court around early February 2015 on grounds that she had not fulfilled her part to the current crown holder of the pageantry.

Whatever the outcome will be in regards to whoever becomes 2015’s winner, only time will tell as to what the true definition of pageantry and the way forward in this society of ours.

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