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FISHING FOR LOVE…Casting nets into a deeply wide ocean by Aniré Okene

Love is a beautiful thing, but love is also hard to find. It took me 5+years to find true love, and when I did, I found her when I had stopped looking entirely. It’s not like we can’t find love when we try to, it’s just so difficult to find someone we can truly love and trust without the fear of having our hearts getting ripped out and trampled upon.

Some people go through dozens of relationships just to find the right partner, while others like me opt to wait a while for the right person to love. There’s no logical dynamic to this, you’ve just got to trust your gut-instincts when the time comes.

Don’t give-up if you’re still searching. Chances are, the person you’re searching for is out there somewhere searching for you. And just like a fisherman whose nets get tossed into the deep, love will certainly find you on your path of destiny. And when it does, make sure it finds you ready emotionally, spiritually, mentally, financially and selflessly. Love is a river that will never run dry. So cast your nets into it and wait.

– With Love, From Love.

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