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FREMA ADUNYAME and The Adunyame Foundation focus to empower young GIRLS kicks off with love…photos speak!

Esteemed media personality Frema Adunyame, known for her impactful presence on the airwaves, is demonstrating her commitment to uplifting the nation through the Adunyame Foundation’s ongoing Aketesia Project.

The project, which encapsulates her dedication to education, empowerment, and social change, is making remarkable strides in transforming lives in the heart of Kumasi.

The Adunyame Foundation, in 2023, set its target to impact 20,000 directly through its community and basic school workshop program, The Aketesia Project.

This program is one of the various ways in which the foundation seeks to empower women and young girls in and beyond the borders of Ghana.

Frema Adunyame, a respected voice in media, originally hailing from the Ashanti Region, has tirelessly championed the importance of education and mentorship.

Her journey from radio and television to her current role at Citi FM / Citi TV has been marked by a consistent drive to inspire and uplift. Her foundation, named after her, The Adunyame Foundation, is a testament to her unwavering commitment to giving back to her community.

The foundation’s flagship initiative, the Aketesia Project, holds a special place in Frema’s heart. With a mission to provide underprivileged young ladies with access to education, mentorship, and skills development, the project has garnered attention for its transformative impact. Through partnerships with local educators and businesses, the Aketesia Project equips young minds with tools for success in a rapidly evolving world.

One of the cornerstones of the Aketesia Project is its focus on mentorship. Frema Adunyame herself, with her wealth of experience in the media industry, serves as an inspirational role model for the youth involved. She firmly believes that personal guidance and mentorship can ignite the spark of ambition and drive in young girls, enabling them to overcome obstacles and reach for their dreams.

As the Adunyame Foundation’s Aketesia Project continues to expand its reach and impact, Frema Adunyame remains steadfast in her dedication to creating opportunities and inspiring change.

Her journey from a news anchor to a catalyst for social change underscores the profound effect that one determined individual can have on an entire community.

Through her foundation’s initiatives, Frema Adunyame’s legacy of empowerment continues to grow, nurturing a new generation of leaders and change makers.

Credit: Reagan Mends

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