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From March 2022…it’s au revoir & bye-bye to multiple streaming on DStv Now

DStv Now subscribers are no longer able to stream on multiple devices as of today.

Multichoice announced weeks back that it will limit streaming to one device at a time to crack down on password sharing and privacy amongst users.

There will be no change to those viewing DStv on decoders.

Showmax subscribers are not impacted.

Here’s a full rundown of everything you need to know about this upcoming change (as published by DStv):

When is this change taking place?
Tuesday 22 March 2022

Why are you making this change?
It’s one of many ongoing measures to counteract password sharing and piracy.

Does this change apply to all DStv subscriptions?
Yes, the change will made to all DStv subscriptions across Africa, however, only customers making use of more than one concurrent stream will be directly affected by the change.

Does this impact the number of devices I have registered or offline viewing of content I’ve downloaded?
No, customers are allowed 4 registered devices for streaming and still have the option to download DStv content on selected devices for offline viewing as a way to allow for more than one family member to enjoy DStv at the same time.

How does this impact customers with more than one decoder linked in XtraView?
There is no change to viewing DStv on decoders – customers can continue to enjoy viewing DStv on up to 3 decoders linked to the same subscription in XtraView.

Does this mean only one person can be logged in at a time?
No, we will not limit the number of people using a login, however, we are limiting (to one) the number of people who can stream at the same time.

Is there any change to pricing because of this change?

Will this impact Showmax customers?
No, this change only applies when streaming DStv.

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