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Ghana Music Awards for Sale – Wanlov

Just when Ghanaian musicians were rounding up their works for the 2014 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs), controversial rapper Wanlov the Kubolor has slapped a bribery allegation on the event’s board.


Without providing any evidence, Wanlov accused the board of the annual Ghana Music Awards of collecting bribes from musicians and favouring them against musicians who do not pay bribes.

This is one allegation organisers of the music awards have consistently denied year after year and dared anyone with evidence of bribery to put it in the public domain for investigations.

Though Wanlov did not tell NEWS-ONE which exact bribery instance he was referring to, he dared anyone who wanted to challenge him on his assertion to do so publicly.

“I was not insinuating, people pay the VGMA board each year for awards.

It is something that is a reality and nobody can challenge me on that .

You have to pay for the award one way or the other.

It is like saying that Ghana Police take bribe and someone comes to say I’m lying. It is never possible.

It is an open secret to most musicians just like everyone knows that Ghanaian politicians also take bribe,” said Wanlov.

Each year, the annual music festival sparks a lot of arguments and disagreements between organizers, the board and the musicians themselves. It seems this year’s has started quiet early.

Wanlov also recounted how he recently received a custom-made Ghanaian music award from a sculptor at the Centre for National Culture in Accra also known as the Arts Centre.

“Last week I was walking through the Arts Centre and a shop owner gave me a Ghanaian music award…the funny part is I did not have to pay for it,” Wanlov stated.

Wanlov and his lyrical twin M3nsa are currently working towards the premier of the second instalment of their much anticipated ‘Cos Ov Moni’ movie.

SOurce: NewsOne

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