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HAPPY NEW MONTH with a Piece of Peace

Peace Hyde new month

Hello and welcome to A Piece of Peace, your weekly dose of motivation and inspiration. This week I would like to share on the topic “Happy New Month”.

It is December and what an amazing year it has been so far. This year has been full of so many blessings. Since the beginning of the year I have come across so many wonderful and inspirational people and I have learnt a great deal about the incredible journey of life. I understand that I do not know it all, but it is only by learning from each other that we truly gain the depth of experience needed to overcome every set back. In the beginning of the year, I had a number of resolutions, some of them I have been able to achieve others I have not yet ticked off the list. Today we are one month away from the end of 2015 and I just want to send a quick word of encouragement to all my amazing Faith builders out there. Stay strong. Stay focused. And keep pushing.

Remember, we made it this far!! FINAL month of 2015! Not everyone had this privilege. If you’re reading this message then you have every reason to say ‘I’M BLESSED! You started this year and surely, by the grace of God, you shall finish 2015 with a SMILE! See, all those who thought you will not finish this year will not ONLY see you finish it but they shall see you finish it with JOY and a TESTIMONY. Shame will be their portion.

You are BLESSED. Your family is blessed. The blessed shall call you BLESSED because God will make you stand out. This month, God will answer your prayers speedily.

This month, I pray the partnership with your PURPOSE grows STRONGER. Let Him have 1st place in your life and you will go PLACES.

See, when God opens a door for you- no man, no devil, no hater, no doubter can shut it. I wish you well.

Stay blessed Happy New Month again and remember to continue to be yourself, because everyone is taken.

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