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He is a Remarkable Philanthropy, Decorated by his Deeds…Tope Aileru reflects on the King of the OSCARs – the unfathomable soul called, YAO DOE


King of the OSCARs

‘…The desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.’ This is the basic learners dictionary’s of the word ‘Philanthropy’ and this exactly is what OSCAR YAO DOE, youthful, accomplished Ghanaian businessman represents to so many people, not only in his home country, but across many other African countries. A Philanthropist, according to the Oxford Advanced Dictionary, is ‘a rich person who helps the poor and those in need, especially by giving money’. Mention Oscar’s name anywhere in Ghana today, that’s how they also describe him. Same goes for those who know him well in Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone and others.

Oscar has been in the business of philanthropy for more than a decade and his hand has reached virtually everywhere, when it comes to caring for the welfare of others. From Abidjan to Freetown, Monrovia, to Lagos and across Nigeria, Oscar Yao Doe has been sowing the seeds of philanthropy, with Ghana as his flagship.

They all love to be his friend, and hardly will you hear or read anything negative about him; even from the shrewdest of likely antagonists. Hardly will you find a celebrity in Ghana today, whose path has not crossed with Oscar’s. They all worship him like a darling king. His benevolence to them all (both young and old), we hear, is more than immense.

Truth is, King Oscar (as most people call him) is blessed with a personality that attracts always. Hardly can you resist his meek, respectful and inviting person, anytime you meet him. Although, he is not the man that gives much appointment, but those who have spent time with the very successful President and Executive Chairman of Doscar Group, a conglomerate with vast interests in key sectors of the business world, they can’t agree less that he blows you away at the first visit.

His deep knowledge about everything that matters, from business to travel, showbiz, F1, and global politics will make every minute you share in his company, more than worthwhile.


Yao Doe

He is one of the most-diversified modern captains of business in Africa. Inside Doscar Group Holdings, there are Eurostar Limousine, Eurotour Gh, Eurotour Logistics, and Black on Black Limousine, Nigeria.

To pursue his dream of philanthropy to the highest level, Oscar specifically set up Doscar Foundation, through which he has received honors for his contributions to art & culture, education and for supporting and developing young people Across Africa.

He has been sponsoring the education of many less-privileged kids. He has special annual funds scheme set up for the needy and has been running the Bassam Ophanage in Abidjan since 2012.

He does not announce donations at fund raisers and other events where his financial help is needed, but those who are in the know confirmed that Oscar Yao Doe’s generosity towards the needy is highly exemplary. ‘He is a not a loud giver, but when he gives loudly’, a very well-known celebrity in Ghana confirmed to this reporter.

Oscar Doe is a friend to African presidents, and leading business moguls; not only in the continent but globally. He is seen a jolly businessman, with a tasty lifestyle.

Among celebrities in Ghana, Oscar is like an angel and this explains why they all dot on him like a medical patient anytime he steps out at a big function. His presence adds class to any event he steps at, just as his fantastic sense of humor will add hilarious spice to the fun at such events. There is no dull moment anywhere you find, Oscar.

Going by his popularity, and the wild, wide love he gets from his people, Oscar may not need a rigorous campaign to clinch a political office in his homeland, Ghana. And talking entertainment; should he set up an outfit for this sector, virtually all the biggest stars in music, movies, and fashion will likely be queuing up on the first day to sign on. That explains how huge the influence he draws is.


***This piece was put together by Tope Aileru, CityScoopNg.com

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