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HELPING EACH OTHER GROW by Aniré would inspire you

One thing that really inspires me about healthy relationships is seeing partners go all out for each other. Most times, we’re carried away with romance and emotions that we fail to see beyond all the glitz and glamour that come with being romantically involved with someone.

Building a healthy-lifetime relationship with someone you’re growing in-love with means finding the right balance in all aspects of your lives together. Society tries to force the idea on us that women are the ones who should do most of the sacrificing in relationships so that men can “provide” for the family, but that’s wrong! This patriarchy-oriented ideology gives a false sense of entitlement to men, leaving 21st Century Women to fight for simple-basic rights in their homes and in society.

As a 32-year old male, I love putting my partner first. She is the light in our union and I see myself as her help-meet, always and gladly willing to lend a helping hand. I’d happily drop all I’m doing to focus on helping her with her career and passion, and I always feel fulfilled seeing that beautiful smile on her face every time we achieve her desired goal(s). This doesn’t take anything away from me, but goes a long way in reassuring her that she is loved and protected always, in all ways.

Fam, normalize putting your partner first. You are her first line of defense in any situation – most especially from your family and society. Learn to love your partner just as Christ loves His church. Be ready to sacrifice anything and everything for her.

Love is the answer to all our questions. So let your love quench every doubt your partner will have and let your actions reflect unconditional love in its truest form. Helping your partner grow helps you grow because when your partner flourishes, you also blossom in their light – especially when you truly delight in them winning in life.

– With Love, From Love.

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