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His Royal Majesty Prince of Wales Forum – Abeiku Santana chairs

Over the week, Media guru, ABEIKU SANTANA was the chairman at the first round table stakeholders discussion on Youth Employability in Tourism & Hospitality in honor of His Royal Majesty Prince of Wales – after the event, he took to his social media handle to gist us what it felt like and he further broke down some vital details to us.

“It was such a great honor and privilege to chair and speak at the 1st Roundtable stakeholders discussion on Youth Employability in Tourism & Hospitality.

First of all I want to acknowledge the Prince Trust International founded by HRM The Prince of Wales ,to shape a better future of young people around the world by providing empowering opportunities, supporting personal development and bridging the gap between education and employment.

Let me also make special mention of the British High Commission in Ghana for this special gathering as well as the varying supports they honourably offer the Ghana Tourism and Hospitality Sector in support of our collective efforts at positioning Ghana as the best and a first point of call in the ECOWAS sub region.

I would like to to commend Amb. Kwame A.A Opoku and the Reset Global People for organizing the Global Youth Summit on the SDG’s

The purpose of the discussion was to explore how young people get employment within the Tourism & Hospitality sectors ; a growing industry in Ghana.

The stakeholders included, Aqua Safari Resorts, Gold Coast Kempiski Hotel, Marriot International Hotel Accra, Accra City Hotel, The Youth Employment Agency, The Ghana Tourism Federation, AfroNation, AfroChella, Bravehearts Adventure, among others.

Ghana’s Tourism and Hospitality sector is undoubtedly a booming and high potential one.

The sector has great potentials at creating learning opportunities and skills development. The potential of the country’s tourism sector is currently being appreciated globally by the statistics and engagements of the 2019 Year of Return. What is needed now is the diligence of work , the focus and the needed investment ls to take advantage of this booming growth and potentials.

Ghana has a large growing youth population aged 15 to 30 yrs which makes up 38% of our population.

What measures and strategies are we developing in Tourism and Hospitality sectors to train and whip up the spirit of youth Employment in Tourism.

#SDG8 #MrTourism #AbeikuSantana.”

Credit: This piece was taken directly from Abeiku Santana’s IG page with his permission.

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