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“How INSTAGRAM is killing the modeling industry”, Gold Model Agency Boss – HERTY TWENS speaks


When you mention the name Henrietta Owusua Agyen, you may be standing with the bearer but may possibly walk away from her – not out of disrespect but because she is not popularly known with that name. But everyone in the fashion and modeling world knows the name HERTY TWENS. She is not a new comer in this industry, she has duly paid her price and thus, is living her dream of seeing others succeed in the chosen field she once was a rookie and running from pillar to post. Now she is a matured lady who controls affairs at the herm of Gold Model Agency. Having taken part in top notch fashion shows such as Vlisco, Glitz Africa Fashion Week, GTP Fashion Show, Bimod Fashion Show (Lome, Togo) to mention but few; Herty has made good use of all the years of enriching her craft. Her hard work started to pay off when she was awarded Model of the Year 2012 at Ghana Fashion Awards. Then again she won the People Choice Awards 2013/14 on FASHIONgh. She was also nominated at the West Africa Fashion Awards 2015. YTAINMENT.COM caught up with the organizer of this year’s Golden Hair & Fashion Show to brief us on what the public should expect on the 9th October, 2015.


Some of our readers may be wondering who you are kindly take us through who you are and what your passion is all about.

My name is Henrietta Owusua Agyen, popularly known in fashion and modeling circles as Herty Twens, is a Ghanaian professional model with excellent analytical and logical reasoning skills. I come from a family of six of which she I am a twin and the last born. Being in the modeling industry over six(6) years, I realized a lot of people out there had passion for modeling but felt restricted, because of their body statistics, felt the dire need to create a professional platform that will propel all who had passion for modeling to become professional models. I believed modeling has a lot of categories that everyone can fit in despite height or size.

Gold Model Agency & School (GMA) was set up on 23rd April, 2011 by me to groom and give emerging models the platform to become professional models despite their height or size. We also manage professional models that deliver nothing short of top class services.

We know of some of your works as a model; being on different runways, tell us a bit about your background before starting your agency.

Being in the modeling industry over six(6) years, I have taken part in top notch fashion shows such as Vlisco, Glitz Africa Fashion Week, GTP Fashion Show, Bimod Fashion Show(Lome, Togo)  to mention but few. I have also been featured in high fashion magazines like Ovation International, Wow Magazine and Sankofa Magazine. I was awarded Model of the Year 2012 at Ghana Fashion Awards. I also won People Choice Awards 2013/14 on FASHIONgh. I was also nominated at the West Africa Fashion Awards 2015.

Between when you personally started modelling and when you started your agency, how far would you say that the industry has changed, whether positively or negatively?

Honestly, the industry has changed negatively. Four, five years back, even though there was not much recognition for models in the Ghana Fashion Industry, we still had good jobs, few respected model agencies and highly professional models that took modeling as a business. Sadly, everything has changed now. Everyone who can take good pictures on Instagram, who is slim or tall, suddenly call themselves models. They lack professional grooming and training because some of them feel they know it all. Other reason is, there so many unprofessional model agencies in the industry now that are producing desperate models. They don’t mind doing a job for free in the name of exposure. Also, certain companies and Fashion Designers feel they doing models a favour by using their face but they forget it’s a business and one needs to earn from a job in order to look good and presentable as a model. How can we be respected and progress if this is continues?


As a model, you have worked with various photographers with the likes of Bobpixel Photography, Steve Ababio, Steven Adusei Photography, among others; who would you say strikes you with that cord that always want you to go back and work with the photographer?

I will go for Emmanuel Bobbie of Bob Pixel Photography. He is a friend, father, advisor and my favorite photographer.

Herty, you are currently one of the most sought after modeling agency in Ghana, how far did you have to go to make your band a top notch habitat for models who want to be groomed?

I will say it took a lot of sacrifice, hard work, determination and God’s favour. Sacrifice in a sense that, I deferred my HND Fashion & Design Course at Accra Polytechnic due to rounds and busy schedules when we were organising our second fashion show at Holiday Inn in 2013. I have not forgotten about education though. I have plans of picking up from where I stopped later this year.

You were once a model before starting your own agency, how would you compare what you used to do then to what some of your students are doing now?

During my time, we had limited Fashion Photographers so it was rare for an agency/manager to book you for a portfolio photo shoot. You had to organise one for yourself if you want to build a portfolio but now we have a lot of photographers around that call for test shoots and all and I also organise four photo shoot of different concept for each batch of models.

Have you ever felt intimidated by the younger crop of models with some of their amazing talents compared to what you know?

Not at all. Our upcoming models are doing marvelous and I am proud of their transition.


Your agency, Gold Model Agency has won several awards in time past, which one of the awards has kept resonating that slimmest joy in your heart every day?

Unfortunately, we haven’t received any award yet. But we believe and know our hard work and transformation we give to our models and client is more than an award.  We are looking forward to more nominations and awards.

You run a yearly fashion show, how far with the concept and why did you choose to be doing that annually?

Golden Hair & Fashion Show is aimed towards bringing Avant-garde Fashion Designers, Fashion Hairstylists, Top Makeup Artists and Professional Fashion Photographers all together on one runway to promote and advance the cause of Ghanaian fashion to a global audience. We graduate models who have successfully completed our certificate in modeling course at our annual event. As you already know, this is our 5th Batch hence Golden Hair & Fashion Show 2015.

2015 edition is coming with a hairstylist incorporation, why did you choose to add that and not make it stand alone?

Well, the hairstylist incorporation has been in existence from the onset. We felt to give them the same platform to show their unique talents on the same stage as designers since Fashion can be complete without good hair.

Are you very much optimistic that you will churn another success with the forthcoming show?

Definitely.  Last year was the reloaded version and we have over 300 people in attendance.

This year we are bringing in a whole lot of innovative concept and surprises.  We are expecting about 700 people on the 9th October, 2015, at Mensvic Grand Hotel, East Legon. Golden Hair & Fashion Show 2015 will be the best event hosted and well attended in Accra, Ghana.

Recently, you have opened the registration for hairstylist and fashion designers to come on board, who you say that the response has been interesting?

Yes, it has been very progressive.  We have 7 registered designers so far. Closing date is on 24th June, 2015 so we believe we will get our full list by then.


What unique change would you like to see being made in the industry you cherish so much?

It is my greatest wish and prayer that all upcoming models will take their time, understand what the industry is all about, sign up with a professional agency and respect their brand. Also, Fashion Designers, Organisers and Advertising companies must learn to respect models and pay according to the time and effort we put in their business.

Thank you for your time and we hope to talk again soon.

I appreciate this time out too.

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