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INSECURITIES…and how they affect the Dynamics of Love

Finding love is a journey in itself, but staying in-love is a voyage that takes a lifetime to complete. And in this quest, the process of self re-discovery takes place as you go along building your relationship with your partner. The freedom to love freely lies in your ability to give total freedom to whom you love. That’s where trusting your partner completely comes in – and most importantly, trusting GOD for gifting you a partner whose trustworthy, honest and kindhearted.

When I found my partner, I began experiencing fears I had never felt before. I was scared of losing the love of my life. By reacting emotionally to certain situations rather than responding with empathy, I almost lost the most beautiful relationship I’ve ever been in, and that’s when I realized that I had to grow emotionally and open myself up to learn how to respond with love and understanding. That’s when I began to grow and experience love like never before. Taking stock of my insecurities and developing the character to consciously be aware of them took time but once I got the hang of it, I began to love freely again, unhindered and unrestricted.

Fear brings out our worst insecurities. Whether it’s the fear of you being cheated on, or you losing your lover to someone else because they’re so awesome and you feel undeserving of their love; take a deep breath and close your eyes. Best practice is to always remind yourself that you are not your fears, and that you aren’t alone. Tell your lover about your fears. Open up to him/her and be honest with your emotions. Healing comes with understanding and knowing that the person you’ve chosen as your partner has also chosen you as theirs.

Love conquers all things.

– With Love, From Love.

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