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Joie de Vivre in photos: RIOHS ORIGINATE in association with Alliance Française throws a colorful graduation for their students


4th of June, 2016, was an evening to remember as the Alliance Française, in Accra, Ghana came to live with models from the Exopa Model Agency showing their gait on the runway like no man’s business; it was the Riohs Originate graduation, dubbed, “Joie de Vivre”.

It was a three-and-half-hours live art fashion design graduation, red carpet and runway show. The beautiful blend of opera, poetry and live music took the runway artistry into another realm of lifestyle.

The operating theme for the night which had some of Ghana’s best runaway models exhibiting various designs from graduates of Riohs Originate was all about the desire for self-expression under modernization.

The show was directed by Richard Ohene Sika, a celebrity fashion design instructor, singer, poet and talents manager at Riohs Originate.

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For those who really don’t know anything about RIOHS ORIGINATE, you have it now: it’s a creative art service and training company in Accra. It provides services and training for individuals/organizations and it is famously known for its proficient plan which enables students to graduate after just six months of training in fashion design and illustration with the necessary skills like sensitivity to image, style and color influenced by accuracy and consistency.

The school was founded in 2010, with Richard Ohene Sika and award-winning fashion designer Sarah Huang, being the driving forces.

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Their head office and training atelier is located on the Blohom Street of Dzorwulu, Accra where all of our tutors are ever present to aid our students. Their fees are about a third of those charged by traditional universities.

What’s more, you can study with them whilst carrying on with existing commitments such as part-time employment, or family/career responsibilities. You can pay fees as you go or in double installments. You can enroll online at any time.

For more information about RIOHS ORIGINATE, contact them via; +233302789434, +233248323669

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