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Jolly-Good-sisi Caro: 100 African Students to enjoy about $1million worth of Scholarship from Esinam Adzogble

26-year-old Caroline Esinam Adzogble, is one of Africa’s fastest rising female Icons in Education and Technology and one of the most celebrated young entrepreneurs in the region. The serial entrepreneur has launched her scholarship program through her Mercy Heart Foundation. The “Caroline Excellence Awards” is committed to awarding $1M (one million American dollars) worth of partial and full scholarships to 100 well deserving and brilliant but needy African students each year.

The Caroline Excellence Awards will be awarded to meritorious students in Africa who have demonstrated a strong academic track record but have no financial backing to further their education at tertiary level.

Scholarships can be redeemed for Spring, Summer and Fall enrollment seasons each year and are open to final year Senior High School students and high school graduates only.

Tuition Scholarships range from 20% – 100% and students will gain guaranteed admission to the following partner universities;

American University of Malta

Brunel University

National College of Ireland

Middlesex University

University of Nicosia

Although students from all African countries can apply, priority will be given to Students based in Ghana | Nigeria | Kenya | Tanzania | Uganda | Rwanda | Ethiopia | Zimbabwe | Senegal and Togo.

Applications will be open from now till December 20th, and can only be submitted through the “Admission in 30minutes” App available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store or through the website at https://admissionin30minutes.com/caroline-excellence-awards.

Winners will be announced on the 13th of January 2019 and Caroline will embark on a tour commencing on the 21st January, 2019 to award all 100 recipients in their various countries.

“My ethos as an entrepreneur is to uplift Education within Africa and beyond and to make it the most affordable and accessible to all. This is a special moment for me and I am extremely humbled. This is a dream come through and I am thankful for the support of my Partners who have made this project possible, especially the American University of Malta which has been a phenomenal support system and a firm believer in equitable education for all across the globe. They have supported my work even before, we launched the Scholarship scheme. My only fulfillment comes from knowing that students who couldn’t get to school due to financial barriers will finally have the opportunity to go to school and pursue their dreams in the long run. I look forward to increasing the number of scholarship awards and partners each year to reach more deserving students as Education is a right and not a Privilege” – Caroline Esinam Adzogble stated. 

Connect with Caroline on social media @CAdzogble.

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