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KAFUI DANKU knows how to bring Storytelling Magic to our Hearts…becomes Ghana’s First Celebrity to start a VLOG + Watch the First Episode

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Vlogger Kafui Danku

Kafui Danku creativity speaks volumes to her open-mindedness and with that; she has grown to become one of the country’s finest creative minds both in acting and producing. With movies like, ‘Letters to My Mother’, ‘Happy Deathday’, ‘A Little Affair’, ‘Heal My Heart’, ‘4play Reloaded’, ‘Shadows in the Dark’, ‘Sin of the Soul’, ‘A Reason to Kill’, ‘Tribe’, ‘Hotel Babylon’, among others, she stands among the tallest when we are to mention a few. Fast forward, with her recent whopping about $100,000, 18 months deal with Royal Monopoly Diaper brand ambassadorial deal, the ABC Picture boss lady is just free to flaunt like a peacock. As if all these aren’t enough, Kafui has given us another menu as part of her recipe for 2017 – she is now a VLOGGER! Arguably, she holds the bragging rights to the title as ‘Ghana’s first celebrity Vlogger’; so we caught up with her to talk to us for the first time this year about her role as a nursing mother, wife, actress, producer and now about this time-taking-passion called ‘vlogging’. We started by congratulating her, then we dug deep. Enjoy the full interview as conducted by the Regional Editor of African Entertainment…

Congratulations on your new found passion, vlogging; what ignited this hunger?

Thank you. The quest to communicate and also share my thoughts, views and experiences with my fans and the community in a more convenient, effective and organized way. Writing, for me takes much longer since I have other responsibilities too, I’ve resorted to vlogging. It’s much more convenient.

How do you manage your time to share among your duties as a mother, wife, actress and now vlogging?

(Deep Sigh) Not easy but when there’s a will, there’s always a way… it’s challenging but if you plan your time and sleep less, it’s possible.

Someone whispered to us that you are going into this because it is one of the major advertising tricks from the brand you are signed onto; kindly clarify that notion for us.

Not at all, like I said earlier; it’s about sharing my views, opinions and experiences with fans and more.

Though blogging and vlogging share similar traits, they are two distinct mediums with different characteristics; how much effort are you putting in so as to give your fans a clear sense of direction towards your new passion?

A lot has been put in for them to enjoy my messages better… they can tell the difference after watching. I’m sure they will see it for themselves soon.

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Before starting, since you are arguably Ghana’s first celebrity vlogger, did you seek for some advices from already in-the-business-vloggers internationally; if “yes” who are they and what did they tell you and if “no”, why didn’t you seek for any?

Not all, I’ve seen a couple of vlogs in the past, especially food vlogs, lol. I didn’t watch a lot or seek any advice because I don’t want to be “influenced” or produce any “adulterated” contents, I want to be as original as I can be because it’s mainly for my fans , followers, benefactors and benefactresses in Africa .

No one goes into anything without having any financial view in mind, did you go into vlogging to make money, anyhow which way? 

Not at all, but that would be a plus.

Because a vlogger sits in front of a camera, do you have any new ‘styles’ that would enable you to be focus on being verbally clear with your viewers?

Oh yes, our style is slightly different from the popular style, we’ve added our own styles to make it more fun for our viewers.

You vlog is said to be in three segments, ‘Motivational Mondays’, ‘Trend Wednesdays’ and ‘Freebies Fridays’ – can you break each down for our readers, your fans and the general public to understand effectively?

Mondays are all round motivational talks, I’ll share inspirations with fans and viewers and other times I’ll invite friends and colleagues to also share or have some motivations. Trend Wednesday is all about trending stuff, we also will talk beauty, style, good grooming, diet tips etc. Freebies Friday is all about freebies. I get to give out products for free. I intend doing that live on YouTube so fans and viewers can participate. It’s going to be fun. I’m really looking forward to it.

You speak eloquently, your appearance is always affable, from your acting skills, you are brilliant in annotating what you mean; as planned, who are your first three ‘big’ guests that you will serve your viewers with?

Nice compliments. Thank You so much. Fans should subscribe to find out. I want it to be a surprise.

Aside talking, what are the measures that have been put in place to see that you provide quality video content on a consistent basis to your viewers and fans?

This took a couple of months to put together because we want it to be worth our viewers time, so our production team has been properly set up for quality videos amidst other preparations as well.

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Be the first to watch Kafui’s first vlog episode by CLICKING HERE


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