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“KINDLY SAVE THE IMAGE OF NIGERIA & NIGERIANS IN GHANA” – Bishop Falarungbon writes an Open Letter to the Nigeria High Commissioner in Ghana

“Your Excellency,

Watching the evening news on Sunday, 27th January on GHOne and TV3 regarding twenty (20) Nigerians arrested in a house at Yilo Krobo, Eastern region and looking at over 200 residents in Western region searching hotel with cutlasses and knifes looking for suspected Nigerian kidnappers is worrying and embarrassing to some of us respected and law abiding Nigerians living in Ghana.

If those youth had found innocent Nigerians in that hotel, they would have been killed. Fortunately, according to the news on TV, there were no Nigerians in the Hotel.

Your Excellency, please address this delicate issue through a press conference or any medium you deem suitable. I shall plead that the office of the High Commission should condemn these kidnapping activities by these criminals tarnishing the image of our country. You should assure us and Ghanaians effort being made by your office to collaborate with the security agencies to apprehend those involved in these ungodly acts and also put measures in place to curb this menace.

Failure to do this Sir, I am afraid may lead to unwarranted killing of innocent Nigerians and your office would be blame for the insensitivity to the plight of citizens. Ghana has become second home to some of us and Ghanaians have always demonstrated their hospitality to us; we should therefore not throw our hands in despair and allow this acts of kidnapping destroy our ‘beautiful’ relationship with Ghana.

Your Excellency, please expedite action on this important issue to save the lives of law abiding Nigerians in Ghana and to also ensure continuity of the good relationship existing between Ghana and Nigeria.

God bless you.

Bishop Dr Peter Kayode Falarungbon.”


This ‘Open Letter was written by Bishop Dr Peter Kayode Falarungbon, who is the Founder & Presiding Bishop of Awakeners International Church, Accra, Ghana. His email is kayodeawakener@gmail.com & on Instagram he is @peterkayodefalarungbon – in case you want to follow up with him.


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