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KING of the OSCARs is not enjoying the Amusement served by these Entertainers in the 2020 Elections…calls out Shatta Wale, Sarkodie & Samini in his latest ‘schooling’

Chief of Doscar Group Holdings – HRH Oscar Yao Doe in his usual fashion of ‘schooling’ the public on certain mishaps he deems unhealthy and somehow needs to be brought to their knowing, has yet again drawn us to the attention of what the three-S of the Ghana entertainment industry (Shatta Wale, Sarkodie and Samini) got their hands into in what the Agbeluro and Special Member of the Royal Court of the Source in Ile-Ife feels that only “time would tell” for the ‘real truth’ to surface but for now, he has penned few pointers via his social media platform.

Read the full post below (as written by HRH)…

“The “Trio Unpatriotic Ghanaian Artists” Who Betrayed Ghana To Followed Love For Money Against Love For Country And Let Ghanaians Down When It Matters Most. Story Story: Shatta Wale Left Behind In A Canoe Without A Paddle Attached In The Middle Of A Deep River? How Can He Paddle Back Onshore? History Shall Find Out.

The Reasons:

1. Shatta Wale: Without Any Doubt, He’s Well Like, Loved, and Sometimes The Opposite. Shatta Was Genuinely Speaking Against The Harsh Economic Conditions And The Corrupt Atmosphere Created By The Akufo Addo’s Presidency, When He Was Cornered To Have Befitted Directly From Akufo Addo Who Sponsored Him To Do His (King Already) Video With Beyoncé, And Was Caught And Exposed For Taken 2m Ghs From Exim Bank Ghana On Behalf Of The NPP Government As Disguised Ambassadorial Role Which Attracted Public Anger. Since Then Shatta Became Silent On Important National Issues, He Also Realized Going Further To Endorsed Akufo Addo’s Candidacy Could Spell Doom For His Carrier So He Was Left In The “Middle Of A Deep River In A Canoe Without Paddle” And Could Not Extend Endorsement To NPP, He Was Also Unable To Speak Against The Impunity Of The Akufo Addo’s Government. Shatta Became A Confused Man, Was “Disabled” Lost His Voice Completely Without Any Credible Voice Left For Him To Feed His Followers.

2. Sarkodie: A Stranded Conn Artist Who Was Rewarded As Such; Sarkodie Got A Direct Support When He Was Stranded Abroad During Lockdown And Was Assisted To Come Home As A Result Of That Gesture He Became Compromised On His Judgment,, He Also Took Huge Sums Of Money From Akufo Addo’s Inner Circle As A Result Of That He Proclaimed An Endorsement Through A Song Which He Could Not Even Stand By It.

3. Samini Dagaati: A Braggart, “Faded Artist” Belonging To The Past, Who Has Been Hanging In There With His “Half Baked Fame” Until The Opportunity Arises To Be Paid Huge Sums Of Money From The NPP To Endorsed, And He Did Without Any Concerns About How Rottenly Corrupt The Akufo Addo’s Presidency Has Become Which Is Common Public Knowledge. 

Conclusion: These Trio Artists Have “Acted Unpatriotic” Against Ghana” And “History Shall Capture” Their Selfish” Aim As Such”.

Time Will Tell.”

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