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Lending pragmatism with some eye-catching pretty Fashion Lessons – the story of LAMISI GH brand’s chief, designer exceptionnelle, DZIFA AMENGOR

You would agree with us that it can be difficult to articulate the power of style and fashion through words, but this day we shall bring you the deep inspiring words of wisdom, and caution alike, as the case may be from designer exceptionnelle, DZIFA AMENGOR – a fashion guru who understands that in order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Social Work from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, we shall tell you about a lady whose fashion passion has tickled since the tender age of seven (7) until this day’s amazing LAMISI GH brand that we have come to admire and cherish. For a charm who understudied ma’am Zinabu Issah, Kinsley Agbezuga and the late Kofi Ansah, you can’t be surprised at how she incredibly worked on the wardrobe of the African Cup of Nations 2008 custodians – a mark of a fashion genius.

The chief of LAMISI GH brand isn’t new in this space as she has garnered exposure from her television show (The Lamisi Sew It Yourself TV Show), appearances on The KSM Show, City People Fashion Show/Magazine, The Weekend Finder News Paper, Fashion GH TV, TV3’s Today’s Woman, among others.

We caught up with the gem that is celebrated as the boss, to throw more light on why she feels that it’s time for Ghanaian fashion designers to be properly acknowledged by the good people of Ghana, the media alike.

“Having passed through the hands of older generations of fashion designers and fashion entrepreneurs, I have witnessed with great concern how the Ghanaian fashion designers don’t seem to be given the appropriate representation for their labor of love in regards to their passion. First, this is a concern to me and I believe other colleagues as well have same sentiments, because this has for a long paraded its ugly head in the industry. It is sad and we must together find a long lasting solution – that’s if we want the best for our fashion industry.”

For Dzifa, having stayed long in the industry and having designed for premium clients, feel that Ghanaian television presenters, celebrities, socialites alike should master the art of appreciating fashion designers who take the pains (or joy) to craft masterpieces that makes them (television presenters, celebrities, socialites, etc.) glow in front of the public. “Once a designer reaches an agreement with you, sews an apparel for you, it is beautiful that you give the person the due mention, accolades and whatever praises he or she deserves. In so doing, you elevate the morale of the designer, draw in more clienteles to him or her.”

She added, “It’s interestingly-funny how most TV hosts in Ghana would have such a huge platform to themselves and to somehow give live mentions to their designers and yet not do so, rather they would prefer to use ‘unknown’ platforms (sometimes) as if they do not appreciate the works of the designers – it’s disheartening.”

In the midst of her putting her thoughts out, we wanted to know if she has not had a fair share of ‘these acknowledgments’? “I have. A hand full of these famous personalities/celebrities has gone an extra mile to do great in appreciating the Lamisi GH brand and others – and we thank them for their gestures. More can and should be done as it is in other parts of the world. It’s a beautiful thing that everyone is appreciated and as well clapped for. If designers are duly acknowledged, they would in return do more for their clients.”

Though Dzifa and her Lamisi GH brand have taken a taken break from clothing celebrities and TV personalities, and now focusing on social /collective projects, the just ended 2020 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards made her feel that there is still a lot of reasons for her to come back and do some justice to the fashion sense of most of these celebrities and socialites. According to her, “I was utterly unhappy with most of the outfits that some artistes wore, and with that I feel that something must be done and done very fast; else most of these award shows may end up becoming caricature red carpet fiascos.”

“Not to compare Ghana to the United States of America, however, we’ve got to learn from the best! When ‘Black Panther’ movie was released, you could immediately understand that via the costumes that were worn both in the movie and on the red carpet, a lot of work had gone into the whole production. It was beautiful to as well hear accolades showered on the stylists and designers alike. That’s what I am talking about.”

In a nutshell, Dzifa Amengor is making us to understand that a designer’s excellence to execute brilliance, partly is the collaborative effort from everyone around that patronizes him or her.

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