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List of 50 Black-Owned Fashion Brands in Africa by Debonair Afrik

In the spirit of Black History Month, Debonair Afrik has presented 50 black-owned fashion brands you can shop from. This is a step to support fashion brands that are owned and run by people of African descent.

The African fashion scene is rich with indigenous fashion textiles and artisanry business that have made name for itself globally. Thus, it is only right that we give them support whichever way it may be. This article will be followed by features on @debonairafrik.

Black History Month means acknowledging and appreciating of Blackness and how it permeates all aspects of society. Being black has transcended far from color and includes Africans in the Diasporas also.

In this month of recognizing black fashion brands and creatives, here are the top 50 Black-Owned fashion Brands in Africa.


ELIE KUAME COUTURE www.instagram.com/eliekuameofficial/ CÔTE D’IVOIRE
LARRY JAY https://www.instagram.com/larryjayghana/ GHANA
ATTO TETTEH https://www.instagram.com/attotetteh/ GHANA
MAISON MIDEKOR https://www.instagram.com/maisonmidekor/ GHANA
BLOOM BY EDZI https://www.instagram.com/bloombyedzi/ GHANA
ORANGE CULTURE NIGERIA https://www.instagram.com/orangecultureng/ NIGERIA
MADAMFO LUXE https://www.instagram.com/madamfo.luxe/ GHANA
AL WOMAN https://www.instagram.com/alwoman_/ GHANA
DAVID TLALE https://www.instagram.com/davidtlale/ SOUTH AFRICA
EHI WOMAN https://www.instagram.com/ehiwoman/ NIGERIA
OPHIELA CROSSLAND https://www.instagram.com/ophelia_crossland/ GHANA
CHEMA CHETU https://www.instagram.com/chema_chetu/ NIGERIA
CHRISTIE BROWN https://www.instagram.com/christiebrowngh/ GHANA
BOYEDOE https://www.instagram.com/boyedoe_/ GHANA
FEBRUARY BY SERWAA https://www.instagram.com/february_by_serwaa/ GHANA
SERABAN https://www.instagram.com/serabangh/ GHANA
KENNETH IZE https://www.instagram.com/kennethize/ NIGERIA
TUBO RTW https://www.instagram.com/tubortw/ KENYA
RICH MNISI https://www.instagram.com/rich_mnisi/ SOUTH AFRICA
JERMAINE BLEU https://www.instagram.com/jermainebleu/ GHANA
BELLO EDU https://www.instagram.com/belloedu/ GHANA
ADAMA PARIS https://www.instagram.com/adamaparis/ SENEGAL
TONGORO https://www.instagram.com/tongorostudio/ SENEGAL
LISA FOLAWIYO https://www.instagram.com/lisafolawiyo/ NIGERIA
TOKYO JAMES https://www.instagram.com/tokyojamess/ NIGERIA
CLAN https://www.instagram.com/clanrtw/ NIGERIA
IBRAHIM FERNANDEZ https://www.instagram.com/ibrahim_fernandez/ CÔTE D’IVOIRE
BROMMON https://www.instagram.com/brommon/ GHANA
EMMY KASBIT https://www.instagram.com/emmykasbit/ NIGERIA
BANKE KUKU https://www.instagram.com/bankekuku/ NIGERIA
NKWO https://www.instagram.com/nkwo_official/ NIGERIA
QUOPHI AKOTUA https://www.instagram.com/quophiakotuahghana/ GHANA
ODIO MIMONET https://www.instagram.com/odiomimonet/ NIGERIA
AWA MEITE https://www.instagram.com/awameitedesign/ NIGERIA
MARRAKSHI LIFE https://www.instagram.com/marrakshi.life/ NIGERIA
WEIZ DHURM FRANKLYN https://www.instagram.com/weizdhurmfranklyn/ NIGERIA
MAISON OLORO https://www.instagram.com/maisonoloro/ NIGERIA
MÉ-WÉ https://www.instagram.com/meweofficiel/ NIGERIA
ALLËDJO https://www.instagram.com/alledjostudio/ NIGERIA
KELVINCENT https://www.instagram.com/officialkelvincent/ GHANA
ANKU https://www.instagram.com/ankustudio/ GHANA
ANDREA IYAMAH https://www.instagram.com/andreaiyamah/ NIGERIA
THEBE MAGUGU https://www.instagram.com/thebemagugu/ NIGERIA
MAXHOSA AFRICA https://www.instagram.com/MAXHOSA/ NIGERIA
NANA WAX https://www.instagram.com/nanawax/ GHANA
CHIIP O NEAL https://www.instagram.com/chiip_o_neal_/ GHANA
J Z O https://www.instagram.com/jzo_ng/ NIGERIA
MARIAM BOCOUM https://www.instagram.com/mariahbocoum_couture/ NIGERIA
BIIO https://www.instagram.com/__biio__/ NIGERIA
METAKAY https://www.instagram.com/p/BaGx6XWDhm0/ GHANA
CLATURAL https://www.instagram.com/clatural/ GHANA

Debonair Afrik as a publication sits on the continent as the first-ever digital fashion publication in African fashion and lifestyle with a base in Accra, Ghana. A neo-Africanism publication, Debonair Afrik widely acknowledged by the Sub-Saharan region.

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