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Love Doesn’t Fade…Feelings Do! – according to Aniré

Love is the greatest force in the universe. Love, just like pure energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Love doesn’t fade. Love shines through, brighter than a thousand suns, never to set. Love in itself is pure and undiluted. Love is incorruptible. So why then do people believe love fades?

The misconception that love fades away comes from the misunderstanding of what true love truly is. Everyone’s definition of love varies.

Some people see love as sexual gratification between two lovers.

Some see love as a means to an end – financially or otherwise.

Some people view love as a tool to emotionally manipulate others, while some see love as a transaction-currency used to leverage on their projected feelings.

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is slow to anger and quick to forgive. Love is everything our feelings aren’t. Love is beautiful and only sees the beauty in others. Love is not an expression of how one feels; love transcends all feelings. Love heals.

Love is the purest form of energy in the universe. Love doesn’t fade. Feelings do!

– With Love, From Love.

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