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There is a river that flows directly from the fountain of love straight from the center of our hearts, a fountain that never runs dry because we are reservoirs of love destined to love and to be loved. There is a light that shines forth when our hearts glow with love. There is no mountain too high for love. No valley too deep that love can’t rise above.

Love takes blind faith. But blind faith doesn’t mean one is blind to the obstacles that lay wait. In essence, it means we see all the challenges in front of us but choose to set our gaze beyond them. Such is love. Such is the beauty of love within us.

The fundamental requirements of love aren’t embedded in its intricate nature, but in its simplicity of ‘cause and effect’. ‘Cause if we truly feel love for another, we’ll never think the worst of them. We’ll never give in to thoughts of mistrust.

Granted, people abuse these privileges and make love seem so terrible to experience, but that’s part of the journey. That’s part of life. Love isn’t easy, but love isn’t hard either.

Love is a journey, love is a full-time commitment. Love is life! Love is why we’re alive.

The beauty of love is not just in its unpredictability, but in every single one of humanity.

– With Love, From Love.

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