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Meet GIFTY KODIA, the multi-course menu CEO of iBread who doubles as an Actress with a mission to love & succeed

For many who know Gifty Kodia, you’d agree with us that she is a true definition of the word, “the gift that keeps giving”, because of her beautiful heart. For a lady who offered Home Economics in school, it is no surprise that she owns one of the most delicious breads in Ghana. She is a dedicated personality to the core and a no-nonsense CEO of iBread whose commitment to see that every household in Ghana and beyond have a slice of her uniqueness.

Gifty who describes herself as ‘the very religious lady’ was introduced to the movie industry with her first appearance in ‘ɛfikeseɛ mu nsɛm’. From then her interest grew which later led her to gather more technical-know-how at the Ghana Media School, and then joined Atinka Radio for one year.

Ytainment News caught up with the brilliance who understands that in life, it’s either you choose to be distracted or devoted, and for her, she has decided to toddle and gambol with the latter.


Thank you for talking with us, how did this whole idea of starting a Bread business come about?

The idea came when I ventured into the movie industry. I realized that I can’t be an employee and acting as well simply because I can be called by the industry at any time to play a role of which I may not be granted permission all the time.

In a country where a lot of people are into this business, doesn’t it scare you that you may not do well…and how have you been able to master your mindset in it?

 No, it doesn’t scare me. I believe in the quality of my product which is my competitive advantage. Like I always say, the sea is big enough for all fishes to have space and operate; that is how the business is. Consistency, dedication, quality are part of our hallmark, thus, we have nothing to be scared of.

 We shall like to know how this same global situation has affected your Bread Business

The global situation has affected my business positively in a sense that, during the lock down, people were at home and therefore there was a high demand for pastries especially bread which is my main product. On the other hand, the supply for raw materials reduced therefore there was an increase in the prices of the few available.

iBread is gradually gaining grounds in the market – how would you rate its acceptance by the people

People are in high demand for iBread because of my competitive advantage thus its quality.

Let’s look at some of your businesses, starting with the Buzzup Kooko – how did the idea come about, how has the reception come along?

The idea came as a result of me considering another business apart from iBread business. I chose BUZZUP Kooko because of the perfect match of that business with my current bread business. We must say that gradually we are enjoying the reception.

Let’s talk about the acting, how has the current global situation affected you and what you do?

The global situation has affected what we do greatly. Cinemas where we premiere our movies are currently closed for which we can’t premiere again. Also, investors are not investing anymore because of the fear of uncertainty. Last year took everyone by shock and we hope that it shall not come again. Thank God that cinema in other parts of the world is opening and soon, Ghana shall open theirs.

 As an Actress, how do you joggle both passions and still have time for your family?

 I have apprentice who I can rely on. In a case when I am called to play a role in the movie industry or make some time for my family, I delegate responsibilities to them and they have never let me down.

How would you describe the movie Industry in Ghana especially during that early Covid-19 era?

The movie industry was very challenging as premiering and auditioning were done online instead of on sight. Before that Covid-19 era, we used to meet on sight which we come in contact with stars that we interact with to help improve upon our performances. Moreover, the investors are no more investing like before. Albeit, let’s hope that we get our lives back fully and enjoy total freedom.

As an upcoming actress, you must have faced some challenges, difficulties, whatnot – how do you cope and handle the pressures of your industry?

Sometimes, the judges of an audition may not know the potentials I have in me due to maybe a slight mistake in my performance due to a stage pressure. In some cases, I was not selected but it doesn’t deter me. My disqualification doesn’t kill my passion. I still hold on to it and push harder for the better days ahead.

What are your guiding principles in both business and acting?

 My principles are simple and basic which I want to believe that everyone can relate with; they are: Discipline, Focus, Persistence, Courage and Self-control. These are the foundations upon which I have had my firmness rely on.

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