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MELODY’s magic of Redefining Luxury: A rhythmic mien at how SENAM AKLAKU – CONCIERGE THREE SIXTY – wand is a point of difference in today’s world of the ‘new normal’

SENAM AKLAKU MELODY is the founder and managing partner of CONCIERGE THREE SIXTY. With a modest upbringing, she has felt the need to be self-reliant which comes with the pressure of hardly having someone trustworthy to rely on – but here she is, an amazingly-gorgeous young lady.

For a personality who by herself developed a clear, logical approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion, it’s in order to appreciate her ability to overcome challenges of her own and that of others, thus, enter the birth of ‘Concierge Three Sixty’ in Ghana – a hub that strives to be the benchmark and gold standard for concierge and lifestyle management services by providing streamlined personalized luxury service.

With an ambition to mould it into a premium concierge and luxury lifestyle management service looking after time sensitive people across Accra, steadily branching out nationwide and eventually targeting other developing nations in the continent including, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda to name a few and South Africa where they’re already making preparations to launch – the ‘marriage’ of Senam and ‘Concierge Three Sixty’ is worth gaiting with.

YTAINMENT NEWS decided to gambol and toddle with the lady who is captivatingly growing to become a…Woman of Women.

She started by telling us that she has always had interest in people from all walks, cultures and in every sector of life. She went on by telling us that, she has really wanted to understand what fundamentally drives people – from what and who they find important, where they’d rather spend their time, what they’re looking for, where they’re going in life and how she can help them get there with the right resources.

“Most people are looking out for dynamic ways to free up the most of their everyday time to be able to focus on things and activities that are ultimately productive to them. What I set out to do was service a small number of people, be it resident or visiting in Accra to assist them with all their requirements by providing them lifestyle management services. From travel, fashion, sports, entertainment and business events, business support and customer retention ideas to small errands on a personal level”, she tells us that in other words, they at ‘Concierge Three Sixty’ are the glue that knits all these activities and their clients lifestyles together.

For a company that started as a hobby about five ago for Senam with her undertaking small tasks for friends and family, it’s in order to state that this has brought so much joy to her being able to help and bring relief to those that need it, regardless of how small the gesture was.

We went to find out the goals that spur her on daily, “my team and I are dedicated to becoming the most innovative and customer-centric concierge and lifestyle management firm by providing clients with superior concierge and lifestyle management solutions, unsurpassed attention to detail and unrivalled personal service. We recognize that ethical business practices are fundamental to the prolonged success and growth of the company, thus, we strive to be the benchmark and gold standard for concierge and lifestyle management services.”

From getting referrals and testimonials, she began to see the business/hustle side of the whole thing. “I began receiving compensations from some of them as appreciation for my time and that later inspired my decision to quit my regular job to turn it into a full service concierge company which we launched on the 24th of January, 2020, at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel. I now have a well-trained and dedicated team of eight (8) members ranging from client relations, transport and delivery support, marketing liaisons and twelve (12) standby/part time members of staff mostly for our on-demand clientele.” She told us.

During our time with Senam, we were led into the kind of services she and her team do provide, and they are:

  • Specialty/High-Value Goods Procurement
  • Corporate Travel Services
  • Conference Registration, Conference Planning and Corporate Meetings
  • Corporate Outings, Dinner Meetings & Parties
  • Messenger & Courier Services
  • Event Planning and Booking, Event Site Selection, High Profile Event Protocol
  • Employee Service Request, Employee Incentive Programs and Customer Loyalty


  • CSR Planning and Execution
  • Facility Management
  • Business Support Services
  • Recreational and Entertainment Requests/ Retreats
  • Airport Meet and Greet, Pick up Services
  • Trade Show/Convention Support Services
  • Corporate Gift-Buying Services
  • Administrative Staff Support (Virtual Assistants)

On the Personal Concierge part, here we go:

  • Relocation Services
  • Personal Errand Services and Care
  • Private Event Planning and Booking

Facility Management and Residential Services:

  • Private Travel and Hotel Arrangements
  • Nightlife/VIP & Bespoke Arrangements
  • Regular/ VIP Access to Selected Entertainment Events
  • House Call Grooming, Spa & Salon Reservation Services
  • Massage, Personal Trainer, Yoga
  • Grocery shopping and other errands
  • Maid, Butler, Nanny Recruitment Services
  • Arrange Complete Itineraries
  • Creative & Luxurious Weekend Getaways
  • Sporting and Recreational (Polo, Horse Riding, Golf and Tennis) Reservations
  • Theater and Performing Arts Tickets
  • Concert & Sporting Event Tickets

On the Social/Affiliation Concierge part, here we go:

  • Love & Romance Inspired Ideas
  • Dining Services & Reservations on special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, proposals)
  • Surprise Birthday, Anniversary, Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
  • Gender Reveal/Baby Showers and Baby Naming Events
  • Wedding Planning
  • Honeymoon and Couples Retreats
  • Hamper and Gifting Services
  • Floral Arrangement and Delivery Services
  • Condolence Extension and Funeral Arrangement Services

Furthermore, we were made to understand that ‘On-Demand Concierge’, the market continues to become an increasingly popular option as more and more people find the need to recover lost time, productivity and peace of mind, thus, as a concierge provider, they receive numerous requests on a daily basis from individuals without the need to commit to a specific subscription; so in addition to a variety of custom membership programs, their personal and corporate concierge programs are available to clients as on-demand options, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Challenges are part of life and every business alike, so we wanted to know some of the trials that Senam and her ‘Concierge Three Sixty’ have once faced or currently facing – she held no stone unturned in her summation. “I face many challenges everyday but I’ll only touch on two:

(1) FINDING THE RIGHT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES/INVESTORS AND PARTNERSHIPS. When I first set out to turn concierge three sixty into a full circle concierge company I struggled with finding investors, regardless of how many times I put together proposals and pitched to different individuals and industry players in hospitality I kept getting turned away for different reasons of both personal and business nature and it still goes on today especially with finding the right people and organizations to partner with.

(2) THE LACK OF ADEQUATE AWARENESS. Even though concierge service happens to be a million dollar industry in many advanced countries like America, the United Kingdom and China, the fact that many people here in Africa especially Ghana happen to need the various services we offer but do not know much about the fact that companies like mine not only exist, what we do, and the luxury lifestyle management services we provide, continues to be a constant struggle as my team and I find ourselves consistently coming up with various creative ideas to create and maintain awareness and brand saliency.”

As we went on in the discussion, we found out that born out of the need in the market for an exclusive and personalized service to manage high-profile, VIP clients with seamless turnkey solutions, surpassing industry standards, Senam and her team understand that no two businesses/clients are the same and as such their exclusive services are all custom designed for each client with special needs.

“In handling client management, our membership options come in three categories:

  1. Elite (24-hours availability, personal account/relationship manager for each client)
  2. Premium (12-hours availability, access to any of our 5 other account/relationship managers)
  3. Gold (6-hours availability and access to any of our 5 other account/relationship managers).”

Each of these membership options are fully customized for each client and provide unique amenities and services for clients who value unsurpassed convenience, the highest degree of luxury, exclusivity and impeccable service.

Distinct from their on-demand programs, ‘Concierge Three Sixty’ membership options offer clients unlimited requests and service access to over 150 concierge and lifestyle management services.

For further information, business, contact ‘Concierge Three Sixty’ on:

Phone: +233550022255, +233550022233

Email: hello@yourconcierge360.com

IG: @conciergethreesixty

FB: Concierge Three Sixty

Website: www.yourconcierge360.com

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